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Video review of 2013-14 Panini Pinnacle BBall…

With a house full of kids finding time to write posts is near impossible.

I have decided to do some video recaps to keep the site going.


Thanks Jay Z…

So Cano is a Mariner.

How dull. This can’t be a good move for Cano.


Ok, this is crazy…

I am sure you have seen this “card”
 photo 9f850140-43a6-47d0-9bde-0c49fb7bf52e_zps6f7091be.jpg
I say card in quotes because I don’t like booklet cards because they aren’t really cards because they don’t fit in toploaders and pages.


Look at that silly silly card.

Why would anyone want more than one signature from a single guy on one card!? I may go as far to even call it stupid.

One theory I heard that I think may have some feet is that UD may not be long for the world so they are dumping inventory hence putting 16 sticker autos on one card. I hope it’s not true though.

I don’t like it


Poor Boston…

I am not a nasty or spiteful man, but I do get a nice little bit of evil joy when a member of the Red Sox heads south down 95 to NYC.

The latest is a big one.
 photo 59320e58-589b-4f66-893d-d6906e6b5fd5_zps4f5f3812.jpg
Ellsbury is a great player with so much potential. A pretty decent loss for the Sox.

The Yanks on the other hand actually picked up a guy still on the up-slope of their career. I hope the days of paying tens of millions for guys in the twilight of their career is over.

My wife should be pretty happy.

She pulled the card above from a pack of 2007 Update. I told her it was like a $100 card and she didn’t give a shit because it was a Red Sox player. She is as die hard Yankee fan to the n-th degree. Maybe she can actually look at the card with out spitting on the floor.


Pretty pretty good…

I was watching the game last night and found myself thinking “Man when did Seattle get so good”.

They beat the ever loving dog-s#$@ out of Drew Brees and company.

The defense reminded me of the Steelers back in ’04 and ’05. The number of ‘hawks defenders that just clobbered the RBs and WRs on ever play was nuts. Their D is insane.

My favorite guy is this dude,
 photo abfbirvinauto.jpg
Irvin has a lot less sacks than last season but over double the tackles.

Then there is this guy,
 photo 12eliterussellrookie.jpg
Holy crapolo he is a beast!

He can scramble, is laser accurate and seems to have the 6th sense of where to put the ball of an elite QB.

Drive after drive he lead his team down the field with authority.

Russell is from Richmond so I got to love the hometown boy.

With the Steelers and Vikes crapping the bed I think I will root for these guys.