I really try to stay positive. There are enough folks out there that get all pissed at everything so I always saw myself as an island of positivity in a sea of “this sucks”.

But even I have my limits.

 photo 1f362478-3811-4ffd-a91d-2339b1a26eaf_zpsa02c7633.jpg

I think Mr. Bench’s face says it all.

I know these are just give aways and don’t hurt anyone but it just pushes the relic thing too far.

I am sick of the one=upmenship that has been going on in the hobby for a many years. Multiple autos, 1/1s, increasingly weird and over the top relics all of which drive pack prices up. I don’t need cards with hair, bugs, corn cobs, street/event worn relics, whatever…

Lets just go back to making normal cards. Maybe an etched foil or colored refractor every here and there, that’s all I need.

Rant over


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4 responses to “Corny…

  1. Johnny Bench, you’ve just entered the Twilight Zone.

  2. On one hand, a cornstalk relic from the Field of Dreams is kind of neat and is a fairly important part of movie baseball history. And I enjoy multi-sport products and non-sport inclusions in some trading card issues. And if it’s appropriate to the set I like some of the unique items used in relics.

    On the other hand, I have never really been into 1/1s and I don’t understand the idea of putting 16 autographs of one player on a single card. I don’t ask players to sign a baseball 16 times. And *baseball* card sets should have equipment worn by players in *baseball games* – likewise for football, basketball, etc. And manufacturers seem to try so hard to bring the next big thing to cards, while forgetting about attracting new, young collectors.

  3. I thought that was a huge chunk of wood from a bat. Upon closer inspection I was disappointed. What a weird thing.

  4. I think I would have found this kinda funny maybe a year ago, but I am in a very different place with cards these days. I have really simplified my focus.

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