Best of the best, HOF rookies collection…

Here is a little video showing off my collection of vintage rookies cards

I made a gaff in the video, I said Bill Russell has a rookie in 1969 Topps, I meant Bill Bradley.


Weird crap on ebay…

I was on the internets today, doing a little world wide webbing and decided to take a look at a little auction site I like to call ebays.

I found two items I would like to share.

Number one…


Yup, a tennis ball signed by NBA HOFer Isiah Thomas... you are reading that right, a tennis ball.

Two things:

First off, a tennis ball is a terrible matrix for an auto. Ya see it’s fuzzy so the auto gets all warped and, pardon my language, shitty.

Second, why have Isiah Thomas sign a tennis ball!? That doesn’t make no sense!

I almost want to spend 25 bucks just to show people how dumb it is.

The next item is very interesting…

It’s an empty case of 1952 Topps high numbers.

That is kinda cool as an oddity but look at the listing here… an empty box for 45k! You can buy a complete ’52 Topps set for that!

The write up is awesome. It states the box is from a case Mr. Mint found and opened pulling some of the highest graded Mantles ever. Cool for sure but not 45k cool.

It states that a case yields about 50 Mantles. Holy Crappolla!


Video of random crap in my collection…

I have random piles of cards all over the place, here is a recap of some of the gems I found hidden in my piles.


It’s gotta get better…right…

The 2013 football card season was one of the worst in memory.

There were no big rookies and as a result all the products suffered. This was made even worse by the fact we came off one of the better rookies years in recent memory.

2013 also called attention to one cold hard fact about football cards, rookies in particular and that is…

It’s all about the QBs.

When we say 2012 was a good rookie year we mean a good rookie QB year.

This guy…
 photo prizmfluck_zpse7eb6fc4.jpg

This guy…
 photo russellwilsonauto.jpg

And this guy…
 photo 12presrg3auto-1.jpg

They already have 5 pro bowls and a Super Bowl ring between them.

…last year we had Geno Smith…

Even when you look at guys that had good rookies seasons such as…
The NFL overall ROY winner, his cards are worth very little.

His RPM up there sells for less than $20 and he is a WR! one of the illustrious skill positions!

Even Eddie Lacy…
…another ROY winner (NFL awards are very confusing) and the big rookie RB has rookie autos for less than $20. The guy rushed for almost 1200 yards and 11 TDs! Not to mention he plays for a team with a rabid fan following,

Sure the hobby isn’t all about money but come on. The bottom dropped right out of the non QB card market last year.

There is some hope this year but the decline is troubling.

Perhaps the fact so many football players have careers cut short by injury and the continues concerns over concussions has collectors being cautious.

No matter what I am gonna be a little tighter with my FB card money this coming season… who am I kidding, no I’m not and neither is anyone else.


2013-14 Panini Basketball box recap…

This is a little old…


This or That???

I have a conundrum.

I have a couple hundered bucks sitting in my paypal account and i am not sure what to do.

I can keep adding to it and try and push up to buy a nice low grade 1967 Tom Seaver rookie
Like this


I could grab a handful of mid-high grade cards of a few ’70s-’80s non baseball legends like these
bill walton rookie



My take on group breaks, or, whats wrong with the hobby…

I don’t like group breaks.

I have only been in one and that was enough.

I also don’t think they are good for the hobby. They push the high end higher. Doing so widens the gap between the average collector and the rich people that can gamble hundreds or thousands on a ultra high end break. It’s like a microcosm of the US, the 1% and the 99%

Not to sound like a old timer but there was a time when anyone could buy the same 50 cent pack of Topps and have the same shot at the big rookie card. Now most of us can just look on as people with cash to burn pay hundreds and thousands on boxes to try and hit the big patch auto numbered to 49 or whatever.

I can honestly say I took more enjoyments pulling a 1987 Bo Jackson rookie from a wax pack back in 1989 then I do pulling a low numbered parch auto of a top draft pick today.

I just wish the hobby would pull back from ultra high end. I don’t mean back to just regular releases like we had in the late ’80s, but enough with $3,500 boxes with 8 cards. It only pushes the top and leaves the rest of us looking up. Even breaks are just a way for average collectors to try and taste the ultra high end, and most seem to walk away less than satisfied.