Enough of the Trades Already

Wait, I didn’t word that right. This is a trade from Enough Already.I’m not even sure if they know this is technically a trade. I got an email from Tim, stating that he and his family had some cards they wanted to send me. See they had seen all the posts about me getting bipped, and they actually took pity on me. Imagine that? They weren’t even looking for me to send anything in return, and because of that, I wasn’t looking for anything spectacular to arrive. Boy, was I wrong, and there is no way that I can accept a package of cards this great, without sending SOMETHING back in return.

Enough jibba-jabba, let’s look at some cards dammit.

1995 Studio Gold Mike Mussina

These cards are cool. I’ve sen lots of pictures on other blogs, but this is the first one of these cards I can remember holding. They really do look like credit cards, right down to the heavily embossed text.

2000 Fleer Ultra Cal Ripken Swing Kings

This card is transparent, and made out of clear plastic. Pretty cool. That’s tape there at the top, but it’s just on the loader.

2006 Upper Deck Future Stars Miguel Tejada red parallel #'d /199

1996 Upper Deck Eddie Murray Diamond Destiny bronze

I know it’s hard to tell from the scan, but the circle behind Eddie’s head is transparent. It reminds me of something that Pacific would have done back in the day.

1999 Topps Finest Ray Lewis

Protective coating still intact, so you know that book value is tight.

2009 Topps Mayo bearded minis

A glorious trio of historical beardies.

2007 Topps Fonest Dwayne Bowe refractor

Don’t know why the Ravens haven’t tried to trade for this guy yet. Willis McGahee would make a great Kansas City Chief.

2008 Topps Finest Dwayne Bowe Finest Moments refractor

One refractor was kind enough, 2 is just overkill.

2008 Topps Nick Markakis black parallel #'d /58

I have been on the hunt for this card for over 2 years now, and finally it is mine.

Many thanks to the Enough Already family for a great package of Orioles and Ravens cards. That Markakis parallel absolutely blew me away and was a card I definitely wasn’t expecting to see. I will be on the prowl for some Mets & BLuee Jays cards to send out post-haste. Expect a package by week’s end.

On a side-note, I can’t believe no one has won our contest yet. It’s been 48 hours, and 50 guesses, but still no one has gotten the correct answer. Only 30 mins till you are able to guess again. Everything resets at 8pm ET. Click HERE to enter.


4 responses to “Enough of the Trades Already

  1. We’re glad you enjoyed everything! Just sharing the goodness with other collectors!

  2. I understand your hunt for the black-Kakis. I am in search of the Dusty McGowan…one on eBay was a ridiculous $15+ SH.

    Those Diamond Destinies are swell. They were a tough pull back in the day, but I managed and Ozzie Smith bronze/copper.

  3. The transparency of the Diamond Destinies does make it better, but couldn’t they have picked a better “action shot” of Murray to use on the left? Maybe not so much in ’96…

  4. Those credit cards are ugly.. I dare you to hand it to a waiter at The Olive Garden, and see what happens.. I will MB T.V style..

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