A Contest Ends, A Contest Begins

First order of business, we need to select a winner for the TriStar Prospects Plus contest. There were 24 total comments on the box break post, 3 of which were mine and Mojo’s. That left us with 21 contestants, and pretty decent odds for anyone who entered. So off to random.org I go, and upon my arrival I see that not only do you have to create an account, but you must also load $4.95 worth of “credit” to said account. This concept is as brilliant as it is ridiculous. You really expect me to pay for a randomizer? To take a bunch of data, and re-arrange it? Seriously? Yet people do it all the time. The blogosphere loves random.org! What a brilliant idea…. that also pisses me off. This is almost as bad as the pay toilets you find all over New York City. They’re lucky more people don’t just go right there in the street. Someone needs to make a list of things you are never allowed to charge for; #1 will be the bathroom, #2 will be randomizing.ย  Oh the humanity!

The winner of this contest was still chosen via random.org, only instead of paying $4.95 to foolishly type out a list of everyone’s names, I used the free random number generator they have on their homepage. FOR FREE.

Lucky #13! This number was then applied to the comments in the order they were left, skipping over any comments left my Mojo and myself. When the 13th number was called, the winning comment was left by none other than the infamous Captain Canuck himself. Congratulations! With any luck, they will be in the mail early next week.


Now, on to the next order of business…. and our next box break courtesy of TriStar. Mojo and I will each be busting a box of Obak, and just like last time, will be giving almost all of the cards away. Instead of just doing another regular contest, where all you have to do is leave a comment, we wanted to do something a little more creative, and fun. As you can see from the custom card below, 2 boxes of Obak somehow led to 2bak, which then led to Tupac. It’s not that much of a stretch, is it?

A little California love.

I know what you may be thinking… “oh great, another custom card contest”… and at first, that’s what we were thinking too, but ultimately, this traveled in an entirely different direction. We think there’s no better way to pay tribute to one of the best rapper of all time (OF ALL TIME!), then to have people show off their rhyme, or lack there of style. In order to win the (almost) entire contents of both mine and Mojos Obak boxes, you are going to have to do something far more embarrassing (and fun!) than creating a custom card.

Here’s the deal:

Write and record, on video, a custom rap about the hobby you love (this one). Post that video to YouTube, and leave a link to it on this post. All raps must be longer than :15 in length, and can be performed with or without musical accompaniment.

All entries are due by Sunday, March 28th. The following week, all entries will be posted for everyone’s viewing pleasure, and the winner will be chosen by your peers, via a poll. This is (North) America, after all, and that’s how we roll!

Are you in?


14 responses to “A Contest Ends, A Contest Begins

  1. Is that they “must be longer” or did you mean they should NOT be longer than??

  2. :30 minimum. Anyone can rap for 10 seconds.

  3. Scratch that, make it :15

  4. hey thanks dude! it figures I couldn’t win th econtest with the Clark auto and the Schoendist, but beggars can’t be choosers…

    awesome. and thanks to Tristar too!

  5. Play at the Plate

    I’ve used random.org before to randomize a list of names without paying.

  6. Hmmm… I was really hoping to make a custom card.

    • Come on travis!

      I even heard a little taste of your skill man! The six pack nap is a winner if you could finish it!

  7. If I didn’t have an amazing amount of work to do in preparation for my vacation in a week, I’d be all over this, yo.

    I can’t freestyle to save my life, but I can put together some lyrics with enough time.

    • Damn!
      I was hoping you guys would be able to hip hop in this. The Obak boxes were very very nice.. The cards are very entertaining to say the least.

      • Andy’ll still be in town, although lyrically less gifted, if I do say so myself. I’ll be gone for two weeks with no access to a camera and very little computer/internet.

        I look forward to seeing who was brave enough to enter when I get back!

  8. If I was on a Mac and had garage band to work a beat… I’d do this. Sadly, I’m on windoze these days and, well, I can’t keep a beat to save my life.

  9. Dang, I’m too late. Sorry I didn’t catch sooner, or I would’ve been all over it. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

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