Deadline Day Approacheth!

One more day to go before the deadline passes, and the voting begins. You only have that much time to rock the mic, and enter the Obak 2bak Custom Rap Contest. So far there are 4 hilarious entries, with the promise of at least 2 more. There’s a chance we may be able to drum up 10 entries after all, which would mean the winner truly does take all, and wins that beautiful Brooks Robinson autograph numbered to just 25 copies.

For all the contest details, and to get a sneak peek at the rhyme slayers who’ve dared to enter so far, click HERE, or scroll up, and read the comments on the contest update post.

On Monday (or Tuesday if we get lazy), all the entries will be posted, along with a poll. Voting will remain open for one week, meaning that on Opening Day, we will have a winner, and not just any winner, but a winner selected by YOU, the people.

Baltimore's own, Tupac Shakur.

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