The Beardman Cardeth Pt. 5

Another round of cards from around the blogosphere.

First up are 2 nice Masterpieces relics from Cardsplitter, from The Call of Cardboard, who was just supposed to be sending a few Goodwins for my want list, but snuck these 2 in as a bonus.

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Cal Ripken Jr. Captured on Canvas relic

2007 Upper Deck Masterpieces Erik Bedard Captured on Canvas relic

Oh, along with the relics and much-needed Goodwins, I also found this awesomeness:

Kevin "A La Souvarov" Brown

This is the same Kevin Brown card, complete with follicle embellishments,  that Play at the Plate has posted HERE. Is this card being passed around the blogosphere? I vaguely recall reading something about that somewhere, but do not recall if this is the card or not. If it isn’t, it is now. Be on the lookout for Kevin Brown and his 18th century facial hair, lurking in a bubble mailer near you.

Next up we have some cards courtesy of Dgreen1899 from Drinking The Orange Kool-Aid. Trading with another Orioles collector sounds like it may be a bit tricky in theory, but if it weren’t for both of us being extremely lazy, this would have been one of the most effortless trades ever.

This first card gives me the impression that Dgreen really wanted to Bip me. Am I just paranoid? Apparently he was upset about my ’87 Topps want list, which can be viewed HERE.

Yeah, that would have been a good bip... would being the operative word.

1996 Pinnacle Jonathan Ogden RC

This is the second hilariously awesome Jonathan Ogden rookie card I’ve been sent in trade. He looks like he’s about to crush that football like an empty Boh can.

2006 Absolute Memorabilia Derrick Mason Spectrum gold #'d /25

Starting with the card pictured above, Dgreen really brings the shiny. Unlike some bloggers out there, I do not hate rainbow foil. Mock me if you wish, but it just plain looks cool, and really catches the eye. Besides, it’s as close as anyone else has come to making a parallel that looks as good as Topps’ refractors do.

2008 Leaf Limited Derrick Mason Prime Jersey Number #'d /85

I like patch cards, and this one has three colors. Mason will be back for yet another season with the Ravens, and since the Anquan Boldin acquisition, no longer has to shoulder the WR load in Baltimore. Derrick Mason in the slot gives me the chills. Just like old times, when he used to burn the Ravens twice a season, before the NFL re-aligned and took the Titans rivalry away.

2001 Donruss Classics Brooks Robinson Stadium Seat relic (Forbes Field)

At first this card confused me. You see, Forbes Field is in Pittsburgh (ewwww), and not Baltimore, which would initially explain my bewilderment. I don’t have this card in front of me right now, and cannot read the back, but since this card is commemorating Brooks’  1970 World Series MVP Award, it makes absolutely no sense. The 1970 World Series pitted the Baltimore Orioles against Cincinnati’s Big Red Machine. Last time I checked, the Reds don’t play in Pittsburgh. It’s still really cool to have a piece of a ballpark as historic as Forbes Field, but I am definitely missing the 1970 Forbes-Brooks connection, if there is one.

2005 Topps Retired Signature Edition Tippy Martinez autograph

One half of the mighty pitching Martinez brothers. Dennis may have gotten the recognition, but Tippy definitely has the better name. I’ve been on a bit of a Topps Retired kick lately, so this is a welcome addition to the Orioles autograph collection.

2006 Donruss Threads Haloti Ngata RC #'d /250

Wow, this card is crazy. I can taste colors by just looking at it. How can you hate on rainbow foilboard,AND gold leaf foil together in perfect harmony?

2007 Upper Deck SPx Derrick Mason Winning Materials jersey relic

I’m running out of witty banter here. There’s not much to say about this card really, except that it scanned pretty well, and the purple haze background reminds me of my first apartment. Lovin’ the double dose of psychedelic Ravens cards.

2008 Leaf Limited Raymond Berry Team Trademarks jersey relic

It’s still weird for me to collect Colts cards. I know they were in Baltimore before skipping town for the flatlands, but I was just a little kid back then, and wasn’t even living in Baltimore. Despite all of that, it still pisses me off that the Colts franchise history, and records, were moved along with the team. How fair is that? Did we take the Browns records? I mean, it’s highly likely Cleveland offered, and we refused, but that’s only because there wasn’t much illustrious history to steal. The fact that Peyton Manning is about to pass Johnny Unitas as the best QB in franchise history makes me sick. Is Joe Flacco chasing Otto Graham’s Browns franchise records? NO! He’s chasing Vinny Testeverde’s records. If Indy gets to claim Unitas, Baltimore officially has dibs on Bernie Kosar.

Lastly, we have a few cards from Joe, of Cobb & Halladay, who over the course of the past 6 months has become one of my favorite trade partners. As usual, Joe sent me a mailer loaded with goodies.

2010 Topps Series 1 Cal Ripken Jr. Peak Performers pants relic

This is my first 2010 relic card of anybody, and honestly, it doesn’t get much better than Cal. Weird that it’s his pants though. Wonder if there’s any ballsweat that can be harvested for DNA cloning? Start my own little shortstop farm.

2005 Donruss Threads Miguel Tejada jersey patch thing #'d /100

Not sure if this is a patch, or just a 2-color jersey. There’s definitely some stitching there on the left side of that window, but I’m clueless as to which part of the uniform it might have come from. Since this is a card from 2005, it looks like Miggi is looking over at the umpire, who has just called him out after he lollygagged it to first on an infield grounder. Don’t pull that shit again Tejada.

2006 Upper Deck Ultimate Miguel Tejada Ultimate Numbers jersey relic #'d /35

This photo was taken a few moments prior to the one featured on the above Donruss Threads card. Believe it or not, this was what Tejada looked like running down the first base line after hitting a weak  ground ball. I’m going to stop now. Miggi is back in Baltimore and no longer sports #10. Things will be different. Right?

2009 Upper Deck SP Authentic Lardarius Webb RC

My first Lardarius Webb card! For those of you who have no idea who he is, Mr. Webb was selected in the second round of the 2009 NFL draft by the Ravens (duh), and in limited action this past season, already proved that he is the best cornerback on the roster. My father, just like he does with all long-locked NFL players, simply refers to him as “Miss Clairol”.

2006 Upper Deck Sweet Spot Update Koji Uehara quad relic

Last card! Last card! This has to be the first game used relic card of Koji ever made. I don’t know for sure, but I’d never heard of him in 2006, despite the first WBC having been played that year. See that hair there on the bottom of the card? That’s either a DNA bonus, or I need to clean my scanner bed.

Big thanks go out to The Call of Carboard, Drinking the Orange Kool-Aid, and Cobb & Halladay for the great trades. You should all go read their blogs right now. Why are you still here. Go!

6 responses to “The Beardman Cardeth Pt. 5

  1. Play at the Plate

    That’s a nice Ripken.
    The fact you read that post with the Brown card, much less remembered it…well, it makes me a little verklempt. Talk amongst yourselves.
    Thanks Beardman.

  2. My first thought is that it looks like Ogden is holding a miniature football. That’s a big dude.

    My second thought will have to wait. Your Browns commentary has caused an aneurysm somewhere in my Circle Of Willis and I must now go to the hospital.

  3. Thanks for a fantastic trade Beardy. Please forgive me, but I will not be posting images or details of our trade. Everything but the Dorsett card was for my father for his birthday gift. I usually give him a giant pile of Phillies and Eagles. It is awesome having a dad that collects too. I will post the details of the trade in August (after his birthday). Since he reads my blog, I do not want to spoil the surprise.

  4. As long as I don’t say what I got or show pics, it should be cool.

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