2bak Contest Ante Upped

The deadline has passed, and this afternoon, all entries will be posted, along with a poll. The poll will remain open for 5 days, which means that by this weekend, we will have winner. There are 5 outstanding entries, and I for one, am glad that the people will be deciding the champion, because that’s a decision too tough for this blogger to make.

Once again, here’s the deal.

Write and record, on video, a custom rap about the hobby you love (this one). Post that video to YouTube, and leave a link to it on this post. All raps must be longer than :15 in length, and can be performed with or without musical accompaniment.

What you win.

The contents of both of the 2009 Obak boxes sent to us for review by TriStar….ย  Check out our box break & review HERE

But wait, there’s more!

Let’s just say that there is a low-numbered autograph of a Hall of Fame player in one of these boxes. If there are more than 10 entries, said autographed card, limited to just 25 copies, will be included in the prize pool. If there are fewer than 10 entries, the card will go into my personal collection, where it shall remain… FOREVER.

You’d hate to see me happy, so please, enter. If you don’t, I reap all the benefits, and no one wants to see that.


31 responses to “2bak Contest Ante Upped

  1. I’d enter, but I’ve already busted a box of Obak and the only cards that would be new to me would be the short prints and hits. I’d rather see someone else win the prizes.

  2. Sweet! Now I’m definitely in.

  3. If Tim enters nine submissions and I do one, does that count as 10?

  4. What if I write a story about a submission and you can imagine how it would appear on YouTube? Would that count?

  5. I’m in, I just have a short memory span. Hopefully, you will see mine posted before the weekend is out-out-ou-ou-out…wiki-wiki

  6. Are we really the first? That’s a shame, because we’re also the winners. It’s kind of like getting your one hit in the first pack of a box. Follow that bird…

  7. I’m afraid to click play on these things…

  8. David FTW….until I get my video in! I have Wednesday off, so hopefully you can expect awesome Wednesday night!

    • The lyrics are finished. My girlfriend is highly embarrassed and doesn’t want to be around when I tape this. But she does think I’ll win.

  9. Yeah, my wife walked in just as I finished. She said I need to add a backbeat. I decided once was more than enough for most folks. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Im working on my beat right now, and the lyrics are finished I hope to have it done by friday.

      Stay Tuned for the world premier of…

      “The Mojonic Bass”

  10. Ok david, that was awesome!

  11. Finally done. Hope you like it!

  12. Awesome!

    Tim, I am recording tonight… I’ll make you look good. Don’t worry.

  13. Hahahaha great job everyone I’m too busy to do this

  14. Wow, kickin it old school! Nice!

  15. This is great!!!

    See people thought it would be embarrassing, but This is The Mojo Beard after all..

    Come as you are bro’s..

  16. alright here you go mofo’s…. And i really think i came with the hardcore shit!!

  17. Here’s my attempt. Please excuse my voice, I caught SuperCold this weekend. I decided to go old school on all of you, so I’m guessing smoe of you will recognize this.

    If you were drinking something while watching this, I hope I made you spit it out at least once.

  18. That was spectacular! Hilarious with props (meaning the cards, though you certainly deserve props)!

  19. While I assumed at the time of our entry that we would smoke any comers, I have to admit that these skillz have put the fear in me. Let’s hope that we get some bonus points for having the guts to go first!

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