Obak 2bak Custom Rap Contest Poll – VOTE HERE!

To view all entires, click HERE, and cast your vote below for the microphone wrecka of your choice. Polls will remain open for one week, at the end of which, a champion shall be crowned. The announcement will be made on Opening Day, as we kick off the start of the 2010 baseball season with gangsta lean.

5 responses to “Obak 2bak Custom Rap Contest Poll – VOTE HERE!

  1. It was like hearing your favorite band for the first team. Like bird song on a spring morning. Like the roar of a crowd after a walk-off.

  2. Community Gum gets my vote for having the balls to go first!

  3. I am so proud of you guys. I had a slimshady-style thing going, but could not do it on video. (flashbacks to me, 11, Nobody home, the videocamera, NWA and a pistons hat and papertowel-roll mic)eeeeheeheh.Talk about tragically hip…
    Congratulations to ALL!

  4. I ran a solid campaign, and even held the lead briefly as my friends, co-workers, countrymen rallied to my side of the contest. Alas, it appears defeat is inevitible at this point… (108 – 78 at the time of this writing).

  5. Gots to give props to da olda fella, Tribe Cards. Nice job for the Over-4D Time Crew to represent!

    (and coming from a guy joining the crew before too long)

    He got my vote based on originality, rhyme cohesion, and maintaining musicality.

    I’m impressed overall; Thorzul certainly gets reckonize for best adapted song, and GSNHoF’s mashup is worthy of at least several YouTube responses. It’s enough to inspire anyone (including myself) for any similar future contest.

    Whoever wins, good on ya.

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