We Have Winner…

And it’s not even close.

Thorzul has absolutely “regulated” the competition, and is the unanimous winner of the Obak 2bak Custom Rap Contest. I find it hard to believe that 322 people voted in our poll, but that’s what the counter tells me. Our champion of the mic racked up an impressive 208 votes, which was more than enough to cruise to a landslide victory. Finishing in second place, was David, of Tribecards, who got my personal vote, if only because the performance was so unexpectedly awesome. Tied for third we have the rhymetastic Spastik Mooss, of Great Sports Name Hall of Fame, and the Don of rhyme himself, Wicked Ortega of My Past Time…. I Love It. Bringing up the rear, was the entry which got this whole contest rolling, submitted by Jon, of Community Gum. Jon sort of got the shaft by going first. He set the bar, and from there, the performances got better and better. Don’t feel bad John, you deserve more credit than the votes have dictated.

Since there were only 5 entries, Mr. Robinson officially goes into my personal collection, although it’s a bittersweet addition. I love the card, but was really hoping 10 people would enter, and pry it from my grubby little hands. The good thing about there only being 5 entries is that there are only 5 people to give prizes to, which is a very manageable number. Thorzul will be receiving the contents of our Obak boxes, but the other 4 contests will also receive something for the effort. To our fab 5 contestants, will you please leave a comment on this post stating your team/player of choice, and we will contact you to get a mailing address, if it isn’t currently on file.

4 responses to “We Have Winner…

  1. Bummer, I voted David too!

    But per usual, I like McGriffs a lot. Also serial numbered stuff (anything really, from 1/1 to 5,250/1,342,432,523), and my other favorite PC of late isSeneca Wallace ( Not that you have anything of him lol).

  2. Man, I wanted to enter so bad… If only I had a video camera. I re-wrote a song, borrowed the back beat…
    The 5 entries you got were all amazing. Thorzul was unbelievable and deserved the win, but man there were 5 GREAT entries! Awesome contest guys!

  3. Well, I saw Thorzul’s numbers churning away and figured his list of friends is a lot bigger than mine. As I said in the vid, “Win or lose, baseball cards are the poison I choose!”

    Congrats to Thorzul!

  4. Jon and I both going out of town this week was the worst decision we’ve ever made. I’ll never forgive myself. Or Jon. Next time, expect a full-on video with jiggling asses and all! I’ll let Jon speak for himself when it comes to his preferred prize- he earned it!


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