“Come As You Are” – Tribute & Contest

This contest is very simple, all you have to do is leave a comment on this post, state your favorite Nirvana song, and explain why ( very important). A winner will be randomly chosen on April 8th, and will win an anonymously donated hobby box of 2009 Playoff Contenders ( a 125.00 value) to be reviewed at a later date. This years Contenders is loaded with talent, and each hobby box includes four autographs ( one on card) per box.

Beardy’s Message:

April 5th 1994 is a day that will forever live in infamy, at least to me. I was all of 12 years old when rock idol Kurt Cobain took his own life, just as his band, Nirvana, was at the peak of their popularity. I was 12 years old, and like most everyone else my age, was a huge Nirvana fan. It seems like only yesterday I was sitting on my dad’s old John Deere riding mower, cutting the grass, with Incesticide blaring on my yellow Sony Sports Walkman. I had a lot of tapes, but for some reason that was always the choice for a Sunday summer afternoon lawn mowing.

For anyone out there who’s wondering what my favorite Nirvana song is… I can’t pick just one, but here are 2 of my favorites.

Mojo’s Message:

It’s hard to believe  over 15 years have passed since Kurt’s Cobain’s tragic death.  It was a terrible day for everyone who loved his music, and although Nirvana may have changed the face of music it was Kurt Cobain who defined an entire generation. If I had to choose a favorite song ( impossible, and very unrealistic) it might be All Apologies from the Unplugged C.D.  It’s Cobain at his finest, and like a majority of  his songs very emotional, but wildly confrontational at the same time. The lyrics are pure genius ” I wish I was like you easily amused” , and the trance like melody can be very hypnotic if your not well-behaved. As far as this contest goes It’s nothing more than a tribute, and our way of sharing free wax with fellow collectors. So come as you are, and who knows with a little luck you may leave with free wax

-b & T.M.H.

64 responses to ““Come As You Are” – Tribute & Contest

  1. My favorite Nirvana song is their cover of David Bowies “Man who sold the world” from the MTV Unplugged set. I just liked the fact that they had the balls to “plug in” during an unplugged session.

  2. Sappy is an excellent choice (so is Drain You)! Personally, I’ve always loved Heart Shaped Box. Also, there’s a great song called “Oh, The Guilt” that they did with the Jesus Lizard. It’s killer.

  3. Oh right, the why: For Oh, The Guilt–what other song uses the flick of a lighter as an instrument?!

    Also, I love the pained exhale at the end of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night” from the Unplugged performance.

  4. I would say Heart Shaped Box. This came out about the time of my divorce. I married straight out of college and caught her cheating on me. Of course I thought that this was the end of the world. This song came out and I loved it. I played it all the time. I was obsessed with Nirvana and this was my favorite song. I credit it with getting me through some hard times.

  5. Heart Shaped Box.

  6. “Breed” off of “Nevermind” is my favorite song. I love the beginning with the grungy guitar riff and when Grohl’s snare comes pounding in. Also one of Novoselic’s best bass jobs.

  7. Too tough man. Nirvana was hugely influental on my musical tastes. I think I can say that “Scentless Apprentice” is my favorite. It came out when I was 14 and changed everything for me. The drums and bass are so f-ing heavy and the feedback and distrtion on Kurt’s guitar is downright frightening. And he screams on that song. Jesus, he screams. That song also opened my ears to other bands like the Melvins and Sonic Youth which in turn led me to buy a guitar and make noise of my own. Good post. You didn’t even need to have a contest for this subject, people would have commented anyway.

    • T.J

      Nice Pick!

      The contest is actually a tribute, and our way of sharing free wax with fellow collectors.

  8. I almost went with Scentless too…good song. But I think my all time favorite is actually “All Apologies.” I started out an “All of Nevermind + one or two other singles” fan, but this was the song that really got me into all things Nirvana, and it’s still my favorite to this day. The lyrics rule (aqua seaform? everyone is gay? ), the guitar part is nice, and Kurt’s got a lot of emotion in his “Buried, Married,” which is great in any Nirvana song.

    But I like it most for the opening line – “What else should I be? All apologies.” It’s like, “I am who I am, sorry if you don’t like it,” only written way better. Classic tune.

  9. The live version from “live and loud” the best. It’s illegal to bit torrent it, so don’t.

  10. One of my favorite Nirvana tracks is the cover of Leadbelly’s “In the Pines” (“Where Did You Sleep Last Night”) off of MTV Unplugged. That cover gave me a new appreciation for delta blues that has not wained. And ultimately, if 60s heavy metal is the classic rock of grunge, then delta blues are the classic rock of 60s heavy metal…my three favorite genres.

    If I had to go with a Nirvana original…and tried to stay away from the typical tracks, I would go with “Something in the Way” off Nevermind. I am blown away when heavy bands lay down quiet tracks like this, and this is a great one.

    And yeah, I agree with TJ, with a topic like this, you would have received feedback without a contest attached…

  11. The “Lake of Fire” cover. It seems to sum Cobain up pretty good. He didn’t know how to find peace. As he aged, he developed a dichotomy of comfort for pain and agony.

  12. Thanks for a great post, one unexpected from a card blog. Love the excellent photoshop job, that green sweater, I swear I must have had one of every color at some point of my ridiculously hipster-wannabe life.

    I remember the morning that I found out Cobain killed himself. I was walking to the bus stop in the Seattle drizzle, just another day of freshman year in high school. There was a skinny short kid who I would talk with every morning, discussing the latest in NBA news (he was the one who shocked me with the first of Michael Jordan’s retirements). He and I loved breaking down the latest rim rattling attack by Rain Man, Shawn Kemp. Also, we talked about the music that we liked. He’d wear Soundgarden shirts and, while I wasn’t cool enough to spend money on concert T’s, I’d stutter out love poem exclaimations about Pixies songs. We were nerds that bonded over debates about whether Nirvana sold out or whether Courtney Love had any artistic merit.

    So, this one gray morning, just like every other Pacific Northwest morning, brought a slap to the face. My friend let me know that Cobain killed himself, but many of the details weren’t available. There was a buzz from the normally somnolent group that clustered around the bus stop. People wondered if the rumor were true, that Kurt wasn’t really dead, that Courtney Love was the murderer, that Bikini Kill fan club members were getting revenge at the sold-out Seattle bands, that this was a government conspiracy. I saw people cry and, those being the days before cynicism claimed my heart, I was moved by the expression of sorrow and heart-felt appreciation for a great artist.

    One memory that’s crystalized in my mind: there was the night that people gathered for a Cobain memorial and they played an audio recording of Courtney Love. Love, all torrential outpouring of raw emotion and drug fueled outrage, honestly exposed her feelings, and for a moment, we all saw that she was a wife who had tragically lost her husband. It was a brilliant speech and a moment in time that still brings goosebumps to my skin.

    I ramble. Favorite songs. “Stay Away” was the first song that I learned how to play on the bass. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” was the first song that I learned on the guitar. “Territorial Pissings” was one of my early favorites. “Rape Me” was brilliant, as was “Heart Shaped Box.” The drone of “All Apologies,” both the studio and Unplugged versions. Favorite B-side, “Endless, Nameless.” Favorite guitar solo, live version of “About a Girl,” from some concert mp3 that I have titled “About a Girl – Live, Wow.” I loved the speed that they played at live, the sound was faster, sloppier, crunchier: Cobain scream mumbling “Love myself, better than you, know it’s wrong, so what should I do.” Still angry and hurt when I hear the promise and growth from “You Know You’re Alright.”

    However, for this contest, I’m going to pick “Drain You” as my current favorite song. I love the cold open: one note then the melody of the first stanza, Cobain singing full throat. The first line finishes and then Grohl crashes in. The harmonies with Novoselic are so tight on this song’s chorus. Lyrically, just as random as many of his other hits, but filled with the trademark infection/bodily fluid imagry, “I travel through a tube, And end up in your infection.” For me, this song encapsulates what I still love about Kurt Cobain the songwriter, a guy who wants to disturb you with grotesque images, who wants to shock you with the depths of his alienation and rage, and through a startling gallop through a sing-song deluge of babies and infection, he leads you to a blast of distortion, minor key drone, and almost a let down of a chorus, before picking you up with a comparitively upbeat verse. It’s here when you realize that Cobain is a brilliant song composer. Equal to the sickly man-child drawing doodles of corpses and rap is a songsmith who came up with power chords and melodies, catchy as they are disturbing.

    I didn’t mean to write so much, and I’m not going to edit it down. Consider it just the ramblings of someone who loved Nirvana’s music. I guess, deep down, I’m still that awkward teenager that gushes on…

  13. I’m going to be overly stereotypical here and go with “Smells Like Teen Spirit”.

    Why, you ask, should I be so mainstream and overly obvious?

    Easy. It was the first Nirvana song I ever heard. I was 9 years old when Kurt died (well, just about to turn 9), so I never had a chance to enjoy him while he was alive.

    Instead, I have enjoyed him post-mortem. I would definitely say “Heart Shaped Box” is easily my second favorite (and I was overly thrilled that it was included on one of the many offspring of Guitar Hero) and, to get a little nostalgic (and a little rated R), “Rape Me” was one of the first songs I ever smoked pot too.

    For some reason, when I was in college, nothing went better with a little joint than Kurt wailing away.

    R.I.P. brotha.

  14. Well, Nirvana was pretty awesome, and my favorite will have to be “Smells Like Teen Spirit”. It’s a really heavy song, and although I’m not always a fan of that stuff, it’s one of my favorites in that category. So tragic what happened, although I wasn’t alive then, I hear things!

  15. Lounge Act

    I’ve experienced several Nirvana phases, some out of musical lust, some as rebellious agent, and others as nostalgic placeholder. Due to frequent record spinning, the Nirvana albums take a place on the burnt out shelf, waiting for the current phase to pass.

    I picked Lounge Act because when I read the part about the contest, this song began playing without intentional recall, in my head, mid-song. I run the risk of someone telling me that the song’s about something completely different, but the way I interpret the lyrics, this song is as close to a love song as Nirvana could muster. The haunting unrequited love and emotion laced through the lyrics makes me love it even more today, than when I initially heard it. Kurt Cobain begins in a relatively calm manner to describe what he needs to put out into the world, and at about a minute and a half, he loses it. And in a way, this has been my connection to unrequited love. It starts calm, ramps up (internally), and ends out of necessity, trickling into the next track.

    I’ve listened to this song approximately eight times, trying to compose this comment. And I gain a little more appreciation for the song with each successive spin. Might be time to dust off the whole collection for another listen.

  16. I’m going to have to go with “Verse Chorus Verse.” I really loved the No Alternative compilation and played the heck out of it. I was a big fan of b-sides and non-album tracks that you could find on various compilations and this was my favorite Nirvana song for a good amount of time.

  17. No Alternative and DGC Rarities were the two compilations you had to have to be a “real” Nirvana fan back in the day. Those and the Outcesticide comps. The real ones, none of that fake ass bullshit. I had the fake ones, though. Now you can get all that stuff on With the Lights Out.

    Beardy, you’ve created a monster here.

  18. Well, at first I was going to wait to “really think” about this. But I know that I’ll never come to what I would consider an “acceptable” conclusion and I’d end up not answering this post at all. (And I promise not to use any more “quotation” marks.) So I decided just to answer with the first thought that popped into my head and try to explain it the best I can, knowing that later I’ll think of a million things that I wished I would have written instead the inevitable let down of some off the cuff ramble.

    My favorite song is “Oh Me” from Unplugged. I knew it had to be off of Unplugged because I still play the hell out of it and it’s about the most perfect Live album ever made, as far as I’m concerned. I like all of the songs on it so I’m not sure why that one in particular popped into my head. The most likely explanation is that it’s probably still one of the few songs I could piece together on my guitar years after I’ve given up any hopes of being even halfway decent.

    I can’t sit here and pretend to know what the lyrics really mean on this song or any Nirvana song, really. I’ve never been one to sit and try to decipher the deeper meaning of Rock lyrics. I figure most of the people who can tell you what the lyrics to Yellow Ledbetter are and what they mean are full of shit anyway. What matters to me is how they sound to my ear and how they make me feel.

    In “Oh Me” when Kurt sings “I don’t have to think. I only have to do it. The results are always perfect. And that’s old news. Would you like to hear my voice, sprinkled with emotion?…” it makes me feel sadness. It always seemed to me that somewhere contained in that lyric, which I cannot pretend to try to articulate, lies the demon that Kurt for some reason could not excise from himself. And that song contains the best explanation to Kurt’s end, as if such a terrible thing could ever be fully explained.

    And when I really listen to it, or try to play it, “Oh Me” makes me profoundly sad despite the fact that it’s such a pretty song.

    And the fact that I can still feel such sadness for a dude I never knew, and am still be moved by a piece of his music, even after hearing it so many times, makes me feel a little better about myself and my own life.

    Does that make sense? Any at all?

  19. Hey Beardy…why does dome guy named Mikey keep talking about jerking off?

  20. I also have to throw in my love of “Where Did You Sleep Last Night.” That song turned me into a delta blues and gospel blues fanatic… Listening to everything from Leadbelly to Son House to Blind Willie Johnson. Primal music.

    And the look Cobain gives toward the end of that song, as seen in the Unplugged dvd, is haunting.

  21. He wants to have sex with pogo sticks? I’ve never heard of that. Seems like the type, though.

  22. OOps..

    I accidently deleted little Mikey, and his contest prize hopes..

  23. You know your right.

  24. Attention

    A huge fan of Nirvana just donated a complete set of 09 Heritage High Series to the Tributest

    Thanks Little Mikey!

    • Hey thats not cool. I come to your site every day, have sent many links to many people telling them how great this site is. Then you take away a prize because I don’t like Nirvana??

      • I don’t think anyone is taking away your prize. Just stop being a douchebag. Not talking about jerking off is a good way to start.

  25. I guess my many beers from opening day/night (go twins!) have impaired my judgment of appropriate humor for this website. I apologize to beardy, and Mojo and whoever else.

  26. Man, I wish I had time to read all of these and reply properly. Nirvana was by far the most influential band in my life. Even though they were a huge corporate rock hit, they helped introduce me to independent music… Nirvana leads to Mudhoney leads to Melvins… I interned with Steve Albini after college and seeing the original master tape for In Utero buried in the tape closet was a moment akin to a religious person seeing a couch that Jesus slept on or whatever.

    But I’ll just toss my lonely vote for “Aneurysm” into the hat. It’s one of the very few Nirvana songs that clocks in at over 4:30 minutes. It was the closing song of their live set for years and usually led into a noise montage that ended with destroyed instruments and no encore. In my opinion, that song is its own encore. There may be better songs, both lyrically and musically, but that song always represented to me the raw power of a rockin’ tune. I’d give just about anything to be in a pit throwing a fist up to “Beat up! Beat up!” right about now. Next to SLTS, Aneurysm may have been Nirvana’s most played song- pretty impressive for a major label band to be playing a b-side as often as they were playing it back then. But Nevermind couldn’t contain that song. And really, what album could?

    Great contest, Beardy- glad to hear some like-minded-nearly-30 folks still remember the glory days!

  27. Wonderful contest, I was in my late teens when Nirvana started to really hit and kept putting off going to a concert because I always figured there would be another tour down the line.

    When Kurt Cobain died I was 22 and living in Seattle, I remember trying to get up to his house and the roads were just blocked.

    Like most people I am pretty torn over which song would be my favorite. The CD Bleach came out when I was still in high school, so one of my first favorites was the song “School” from the Bleach CD. The song seem to fit my mood in high school (no luck) and I love the guitar rifts, it was literally the begining of the Grunge movement.

  28. I suppose I will choose “Come As You Are.” As for my explanation, it is the only Nirvana song I ever even paid attention to. Though, Weird Al’s “Smells Like Nirvana” was funny. I listen to anything and everything, and with that comes groups like Nirvana. I am not a fan, and excuse my insensitivity here but, what a waste of potential. So, here is my entry. FWIW

  29. I tried to leave my entry, but it seems it wouldn’t let me.

  30. Nevermind. Somehow my entry came in time-tagged BEFORE several others, even though those others were actually posted before mine. I leave, dazed and confused.

  31. My favorite Nirvana song is “About a Girl”. First off, when I say that, I’m talking about the version on Bleach, not the Unplugged version. While the Unplugged version is pretty good, the album version is a step out of the Nirvana/Seattle sound/grunge stereotype.

    Supposedly, Kurt wrote it after a day spent continuously listening to “Meet the Beatles”. He wanted to write a pop song. Nobody thought he could write pop songs. He proved them all wrong. Wasn’t the last time he did, either.

    • This is one of the songs I thought about. I must have heard “About A Girl” 100 times on Unplugged before I ever heard the original version. The original was completely unexpected. I didn’t know what the hell to make of it. So Poppy and upbeat sounding. I loved it immediately.

  32. Superb tribute gentlemen! There are quite a few Nirvana songs that are near and dear to me… You could say that I grew up with them. The two songs that REALLY stick out in my personal memories happen to be covers…Their cover of “Plateau” by the Meat Puppets is beautiful, but if I was pressed to choose I would pick their cover of “Love Buzz” and I will tell you why.
    It was either ’89 or ’90 and I was working at a club called the Tune Inn in New Haven, Connecticut. It was a punk club, but we booked all kinds of “underground” bands-hardcore, punk, ska, reggae, indy rock, etc. Anyway, Nirvana was booked. They just put out a single on Sub Pop and were touring on it, but I had never heard of them. They had arrived early, before any other bands. They wanted to do a sound check. I was one of the few people there. I think I was mopping the floor or cleaning the bathrooms. Anyway, they plugged in and asked us if we had any requests. I said “Uh, I don’t know who you guys are, play something I know”. They tore into Love Buzz by Shocking Blue. I was completely blown away and I will never forget that. I didn’t realize it was a regular part of their set until later, I thought they played it special. Anyway, the show was pretty good and soon after they blew up.Even if they didn’t get all famous, I would still always remember that sound check, it was really something special. I was living in NYC when Kurt died, it was crushing news. Great contest/tribute guys!

  33. Man, it’s so hard to name just one!
    In high school I played in a Nirvana cover band called ‘Mexican Seafood’ …we had some originals but of course no one wanted to hear those.

    I love Bleach era stuff – Blew, Floyd The Barber, Dive & School (so amazing!)…and ‘B Sides’ stuff from Nevermind – ‘Even In His Youth’ & ‘Curmudgeon’ are truly incredible & a testament to how good Nevermind was. In Utero was another incredible collection of songs & the recording itself is easily the best of all the records. Steve Albini’s production on that record is kind of brilliant – no one makes drums sound as good & especially as good as they are on ‘In Utero’.

    My favourite song today…and it will change in 5 minutes but for now it’s “Drain You”. It hits on all the elements someone would like about the band. It’s got catchy, sing-a-long parts, it’s got the noisy build up part….. & great lyrics as always. It’s got a little bit of bombast, a little bit of plaintive reflection – just a solid song beginning to end that. Not flashy or over-wrought, just a strong song.

    Again, my opinion will change almost immediately…but that’s what I’m going with for now!

  34. Listened to all things Nirvana in the prime of my angry teen years. Greatest memories include watching their “unplugged” set on MTV (when MTV used to play music on their channel).

    To choose just one song as a favorite is impossible. The obvious personal fav’s would be “Come As You Are”, “In Bloom”, “Heart Shaped Box”, “Pennyroyal Tea”, and “Scentless Apprentice”.

    The song I listened to the most was probably “Lithium”. As a teen, it spoke to me.

    “I’m so happy. Cause today I found my friends.
    They’re in my head. I’m so ugly. But that’s ok.
    ‘Cause so are you.”

  35. Much like I’m sure you can Beardy, I can listen to Unplugged in NY beginning to end over and over again and never get sick of it.

    I know the original song was by the Meat Puppets, but Nirvana’s rendition of Lake of Fire is amazing, and my favorite on the CD. Though pound for pound, Nevermind is still there best album in my mind

  36. Where Did You Sleep Last Night…… from the Unplugged performance. Dude i remember they played a set down here in West Palm Beach and blew the place up….. It was them and STP one of my all time fave bands!!!

  37. My favorite song is the hidden song on the end of smells like teen spirit named, “Endless, Nameless”. The reason I like it it because how it builds up in the lyrics and then mellows out in the chorus. It also just has no purpose and is unyielding and it’s like going from one mixed emotion to another.

  38. “Smells Like Team Spirit”. I just like the energy and the video has a great grungy look.

  39. I’ll admit I wasn’t real thrilled when Nirvana came on the scene because I was an 80s metal guy and pretty much viewed Cobain as the executioner of that genre.

    That said, “All Apologies” is simply brilliant. The irony of a catchy little pop melody combined with biting criticism/sarcasm in the lyrics (and in the delivery, for that matter) is delicious.

  40. When Nirvana was “big” (meaning, on main stream radio) I was in my early high school years, maybe 8th grade. At the time, I was big into guitar riffs and song openings. Two of my favorites (Nirvana songs AND opening riffs!) are “Smells Like Teen Spirit” and “Rape Me”.

    I’ve always enjoyed music, but I only know of anything deeper than what’s played on the radio for a couple artists, and unfortunately Nirvana isn’t one of them. I’ve grown a bit tired of ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit’ but I still enjoy ‘Rape Me’ when it comes up on the ipod!

  41. I quit my job at the San Diego Wild Animal Park when they tried to make me work on December 28th, 1991. That was the night I saw Nirvana for the first time. We had bought tickets months before- Red Hot Chili Peppers were headlining, and Pearl Jam (a couple months after Ten was released) opened.

    I was too young to have seen Nirvana when they were in town earlier. This was their 1st all-ages show in San Diego. I think Nevermind had just bumped Michael Jackson out of the #1 spot on the charts. It was the first time in my memory that a band I liked was that popular.

    The local “alternative” station replayed the board recording from Nirvana’s set a week or so later. I diligently recorded it onto cassette. Sound board, to radio, to cassette… needless to say, it sounded horrible. Horribly AWESOME!!! it is one of only a few cassettes that I haven’t thrown away. (I even made a cover for the tape… I’ll try and take a picture of it tonight. Yes, I know exactly where it is.)

    Their popularity never bothered me. Nirvana was one of those bands that I didn’t mind if they got “over-played”. I liked the music; better over-played than not played at all.

    Oh, yeah. A song… From the board recording of that show: ‘Lithium’ – melted my face off every time.

    I gotta find a cassette player around somewhere.

  42. I wasn’t as big into the whole grunge music but have to say that “All Apologies” and “Smells Like Teen Spirit” have become favorites of mine. I learned to love the guitar work and the the way Kurt’s voice portrayed the feeling he wanted in his music. He was a great loss to the music world

  43. I was pretty oblivious to the music scene at the time of Cobain’s death (I was still young back then). It was in junior high and high school when my musical tastes expanded when Nirvana’s coarse, simple, yet complicated song patterns really took hold. This was especially relevant as a I drew on inspiration for my own music at the time.

    I realized that easy to figure out chord progressions did not a poor song make. So I listened more closely and discovered that their songs raw emotion carried the day.

    My favorite song since the discovery is the song (cover) they did of “Man Who Sold the World”. It seems unfortunately ironic that the head of the chorus “who knows? not me. i’ve never lost control” reflects in the face of the one tragic time Cobain lost control and his live musical influence was lost forever.

    To this day, Nirvana songs resonate and that is a fitting tribute for a man and group that only seemed to want to lash back against corporate rock of the mid to late 80s.

  44. I had to revisit this after I posted “Lake of Fire” as my favorite song, and even though I stand by that, I had to post some love for “In Bloom” as I didn’t see any in the comment thread. They paired an amazing song with a classic music video which is to me, even more memorable than Smells Like Teen Spirit

    It also includes one of my favorite Dave Grohl drum beats…probably why it kicks so much ass to play on Rock Band

    • I should have just replied on my own comment, please don’t include me twice if you’re randoming off a prize, don’t wanna be unfair to everyone else

      Also, thanks for giving us this medium to look back and share our thoughts. Let me know when the Green Day retrospective goes live and I’ll write a book for ya in the comments section!

  45. I have to go with “where did you sleep last night” from the unplugged album. He had an exceptional ability to take others music and make it his own, definately a unique voice.

    I wasn’t the biggest Nirvana fan when they came out, but appreciated the sound that Kurt helped usher in. Later in my life (post college) I revisted the Nirvana albums that were collecting dust in my closet and found a whole new level of respect for what they produced.

    When he took his life I was a senior in high school and he was the first muscian of “my generation” that died prematurely that had any kind of effect on my life. I remember asking my elders if this is what it was like when Joplin or Hendrix or Morrison died early.

    My uncle, an ex-hippie with a great appreciaton of music, said it was more like finding out John Lennon had died.

    I also remember an interview he did once, it might have been on MTV back when they talked about music, where he said he didn’t want to be around to become a sellout. It’s nice to know that he’ll be remembered for a brief but exceptional output of music.

  46. Plateau: reminds me of the good times back in the day playing volleyball. . . . .listening to Unplugged in New York over and over when in the car driving to tournaments.

    So I wasn’t the only one with a yellow Sony Walkman? Come to think I still have it stored away in a box in my closet somewhere!

  47. DAMMIT. I forgot to enter this contest. I’m leaving a comment anyway, screw the contest.

    I don’t listen to Nirvana as much as I used to anymore, but they had a huge influence on my musical tastes. I went ape over Nirvana when they first came out and I was kicking myself for missing them at the 40 Watt my freshman year of college (even though when they played there I didn’t even know the 40 Watt existed yet). I read somewhere that Kurt thought the Pixies where a much better band than Nirvana and I was pretty much “WTF are the Pixies?? No way they are better than Nirvana.” I eventually heard “Where is my Mind”, my head asploded and I knew what Kurt was talking about then. Since Kurt apparently had fantastic taste in music, I checked out some of the other bands Nirvana covered and found myself discovering a whole ton of bands I had never heard of before. The Vaselines’ original of Son of a Gun is on my MP3 player right now. I’ll always love Kurt not only for his music but for is incredible taste in music as well.

    That being said, my favorite Nirvana song is probably Tourrette’s.










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