The Beardman Cardeth v5.5

There just aren’t enough cards here to justify this incarnation of The Beardman Cardeth being classified as a full-fledged sequel. That doesn’t make these cards any less awesome though. Unfortunately, there’s only ONE baseball card featured below, and a bunch o’ football. Not that it’s a bad thing or anything, I’m just much more in a baseball frame of mind these days, especially with the season already officially underway . Regardless, there are cards to be shown, and I am going to show them dammit!

First up to bat are a couple of relics from my homie Spastik Mooss, of the Great Sports Name Hall of Fame.

2006 Bowman Nolan Reimold Futures Game relic

Already had this card, but was able to trade away the double almost immediately, as part of a large trade that will be posted when it arrives. Nolan is about the only Oriole worth drafting that didn’t weasel his way onto one of my 3 fantasy rosters, and I hope he makes me regret it.

2001 Donruss Classics Jamal Lewis Super Bowl XXXV pylon relic

According to the back of this card, this chunk of orange foam was actually cut from a pylon used in an official NFL game, played on January 28th 2001, between the Ravens and Giants, which means that this card is officially the most awesome thing on the face of the earth. I actually own a piece of pylon from the single greatest game of my fanhood. Wow! Did you know Jamal Lewis is 21st on the all-time rushing yards list? See for yourself. Everyone else on that list is either in Canton, or is still playing. Does that mean Jamal will be there?

Next up are a bunch of cards from Petersen, of the fantabulous Sign Here… And Here. I believe this is our second or third trade, and it he seems to have a never-ending supply of cards that I want, because we’ve already worked out another deal, and if the ever-busy Petersen ever gets to the post office, that trade will be posted later this week.

2007 Topps Finest Todd Heap Red xfractor #7/25

Xfractors have to be some of the craziest looking cards out there, and they certainly aren’t for everyone, but personally, I’ve always been a fan. Heap was one of the finest tight ends in the league for a few years there, and seemed to be the only receiver Kyle Boller could ever complete a pass to. He’s one of the toughest players I’ve ever seen, and never shies away from a big hit, which is why he’s been hurt quite a bit the past 3 seasons.

2007 Leaf Certified Materials Mark Clayton relic 60 /145

1.3 seconds after this photo was snapped, Mark Clayton fumbled. I can’t stand this guy. He had a big rookie season, and has pretty much been garbage ever since. He dropped a pass on 4th & 2 against the Patriots, to kill what was looking like a game winning drive for the Ravens. Ball hit him right in the freaking chest, and bounced off.

2007 Topps Chrome Ray Lewis white refractor 549/869

A nice white refractor of a future Hall of Famer. Ray Lewis is the best middle linebacker to ever play the game. Period. He dominated the position for damn near a decade, and his dance moves are unparalleled.

2006 Topps Chrome Demetrius Williams autograph

I want to like Demetrius Williams, I really do. He is the longest of all the Ravens receivers, and has decent speed to go along with it. He has potent deep threat written all over him, and always looks the part in preseason. One the real season begins though, he’s all injuries and dropped passes.

2007 Upper Deck Dwayne Bowe rookie jersey relic

It’s a good thing this card is pretty nice looking, because the swatch is “event-worn”, which mildly bothers me. Card companies seem to do that a lot with NFL rookies, and in the interest of release calendars, it makes sense, but in my opinion, the cards would be more desirable if they were released later in the year, with game-worn swatches.

Big thanks to Spastik Mooss  & Petersen for the great trades. I’m off to enjoy an afternoon of baseball on the boob tube. IT’S FINALLY HERE! Too bad the O’s don’t open till tomorrow night, in Tampa Bay. I’ll be attending the home opener on Friday, and am pretty pumped about it.

Oh, the first round of cards from Great Base Card Moving Giveaway hit the mailbox today. I have 15 packages to mail, and am sending them out in fives. Five more will go out tomorrow, so keep an eye on the mailbox. Also, don’t forget to check out our latest contest, which can be found HERE. Don’t worry, it doesn’t involve doing anything potentially embarrassing this time.

One response to “The Beardman Cardeth v5.5

  1. Haha I figured you’d love the Jamal. Bummer on the Reimold that you had it, but glad it was useful!

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