What I Wanna Know Is…


Coming to a card blog near you this July

Oh yes my friends it’s almost that time of year again. You’d better be ready to bring it come late June.


13 responses to “What I Wanna Know Is…

  1. ryanmemorabilia

    Count me in!

  2. I’ve got half a case of Ginter headed my way… Can’t wait!

  3. Play at the Plate

    I knew you couldn’t resist teasing this again.

  4. I’m ready, though I am getting tired of A&G. Just saw they are doing a 2010 206… ugh.

    • More or less. The only requirement is that you have a blog, and the only reason for that is so you have a forum to publicly post your box break.

  5. I am putting pennies in the jar yawl!
    i need a refresher on the procedure, however. I assume that will be forthcoming.
    “disregard other cardblogs, aquire followers”

  6. I’m in Mofo’s

  7. I’ve been waiting all year for this contest and the Ginter Code. Can’t wait, count me in now.

  8. I’m down like two dollar whore on a saturday night.

  9. It should go without saying that we’re in. Though we missed last year’s so we need the rules and all.


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