Stupid eBay Purchase: CONFIRMED

If you recall, last week I posted about a potentially stupid purchase I made on eBay. For those of you who are unfamiliar, I bought 10 sealed blister packs of 2005 Sweet Spot Classic for $29.99, and was hoping to pull something decent. A patch, and auto, heck, even a nice relic would have been fine. I asked our readers to vote on what the results of this break would be, and after 63 votes were counted, the consensus was that these packs would contain AT LEAST one relic. Well… that couldn’t have been farther from the truth. In fact, after busting all 10 packs, I was left with a stack o’ base, and the following 4 numbered parallels:

Jim Bunning

Johnny Bench

Rocky Colavito

Roy Campanella

Certainly not worth the $30 investment, but technically, I guess these do count as “multiple hits”, making the 18 of you who voted for that result 100% correct. Or does it? The 11 of you who voted that I would pull nothing but base cards deserve a little credit here too, especially because there wasn’t an option for numbered parallels.

Bottom line is, I got cocky, and overestimated my luck. After a year full of risky unopened wax purchases, I finally got burned. It doesn’t hurt too bad, since I knew what was coming. It’s got to be pretty easy to search these packs. Every single one I opened was the same thickness and weight. Each pack wasn’t even as thick as a single Sweet Spot auto, so I would imagine the hits are pretty easy to find. Even though these cards came from a reputable card wholesaler, there is no way to tell where they acquired them from. I also don’t know what the retail odds are on this product. As far as I could tell, there was nothing on the front of the packs to identify these as being of the hobby variety. My guess is that they were searched, and the heavier packs set aside to be sold as hot packs, or kept for someone’s collection, while the rest are being sold off in affordable lots.

Lesson learned, buyer beware.


4 responses to “Stupid eBay Purchase: CONFIRMED

  1. That sucks… it’s always rough to come crashing down after a hot streak!

  2. I got burned in that transaction as well. I didnt even get any numbered parallels!

  3. Wow. Ouch… Glad I didn’t pull the trigger on that one.

  4. at least your crash was not on a $200 box of triple threads!

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