Recently, local reader Bill contacted me about a trade. He was interested in the Fergie Jenkins auto I pulled from that Archives box from a month back, and offered up the following 2 cards in exchange:

2002 Topps Super Teams Jim Palmer auto

2002 Topps Team Legends Goose Gossage auto

Any time I can add 2 on-card Hall of Famer autographs for the price of one, I’m all over it. Yeah, I have other Palmer autos, but can you really ever have too many? You’ll see what I’m talking about later this week. Thanks for the trade Bill, and good luck with your set. It’ll be absolutely gorgeous to look at when it’s complete.

Bill is attempting to collect the Archives autograph master set, so if anyone out there has one for trade, I can get you his contact info. He has a bunch of quality cards available, including many on-card autos of retired players and Hall of Famers.

I’m moving all week, so don’t expect too many posts. I’ve heard from Mojo though, and he is getting settled in down in the Dirty D. Expect him to pick up my slack (hopefully), and amuse you with his insanity. Oh, and if you were planning on sending me any cards this week, drop an email for the new address.


5 responses to “Two-‘Fer

  1. ryanmemorabilia

    That Palmer is awesome!

  2. Them be some nice lookin’ autos right there.

  3. Im Back!!!

    I just got everything in order…

    Sorry for the long delay..


  4. make mine a double as well, especially if that’s what they’re serving up.

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