Why 2010 Goudey Might Have Been Awesome

The 1941 Goudey design is simple, clean, and hasn’t already been beaten to death with 10,000 reprint sets like the ’34 design was. Was this what Upper Deck was thinking of basing the design for 2010 Goudey around? Since Upper Deck only released product information, and never any actual images, the world will never know. 1941 was the final year that the Goudey Gum Co. released a baseball set, so this likely would have also been the last year that Upper Deck did as well, unless they just started making them up. That might actually be sort of cool.

When looking over these images, I want you to take note of the fact that there do not seem to be any logos in sight. Make note of this Upper Deck. Realize that it might still be possible to release one more Goudey set to the public, even without the benefit of a license, assuming you are allowed to ever produce baseball cards ever again, and are still in fact in business if/when you are allowed to do so.

Wait, it gets better, they had other background color variations as well. Which one would be the short print variation? I’m guessing red, since it was the hardest one to find a picture of.

If this is what 2010 Goudey ended up looking like, and the checklist was decent, would you have bought a box or two? On card autos sure would look great on these proposed cards, now wouldn’t they?

5 responses to “Why 2010 Goudey Might Have Been Awesome

  1. i would have bought a box…. It’s to bad that Upper Deck fucked up!

  2. I’m not sure about a box, but definitely many packs.

  3. This would have been a set I would have put together I was really looking forward to it…it was really the only 2010 baseball cards I was looking forward to at all…sad UD couldn’t keep it together

  4. Those look a lot like the Cracker Jacks from the same era… nice, simple cards. I remember when Bowman Heritage did a set based on what would have been the last Bowman set produced. I tought that was a cool idea even though the design was pretty weak. Wonder what secrets lie in the Goudey (or even the Upper Deck) vaults!


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