Will This eBay Score Ever Show Up?

A week ago tomorrow I woke up to find one of those “Congratulations, the item is yours!” emails from eBay that I was definitely not expecting. The weekend prior, I had a little bit of time to kill on a Friday afternoon, and was doing my typical search for cards of all the players I collect, when i stumbled upon a wonderous beauty of a card.

There is no way I am going to win this card, or so I thought. On a whim, I went ahead and loaded the card into my Gixen account, and promptly forgot about it. My max bid was only $26, so there’s was little to no chance I’d actually win, right?


HERE IS THE AUCTION LINK, so you can see what I’m talking about. Considering the last one sold for over 4 times what I paid for it, I am having serious doubts about this card ever actually making it to me. It’s too easy for eBay sellers to feel that they didn’t get enough money for a particular item, and never follow through on actually delivering it.What do they have to lose? Negative feedback? Oh no! Not negative feedback… on the internet… where it doesn’t really matter anyway. Anything but that!

The seller was contacted late last week, and the card apparently shipped out last Thursday or Friday. I’ve been actively checking the shipping info, and it has yet to show any status update. Since Friday. it has been saying “Electronic Shipping Info Received”.

I want this card, and I want to know that I got the best deal possible. It makes more sense in this instance, for the seller to refund my money, and re-list the card, since it will most likely fetch much more the next time around. Boy would that piss me off. I don’t want my $20 plus shipping refunded to me, I want the incredible card that I scored an incredible deal on. In case you can’t tell, I don’t have much faith in the “system”, and have my doubts about this card ever showing up.

What do you think? Do I end up with my 500 HR Club triple relic, or does eBay win again? Time will tell, and I will be sure to show it off if/when it arrives, or publically trash the seller on the interwebs if/when it doesn’t. This isn’t ‘Nam people, there are rules here.

Here’s hoping that Teddy, Frankie, and Manny being Manny do manage to find their way to my mailbox.

UPDATE: I should have paranoic breakdowns more often. The tracking info has magically been updated, and it looks like the postman should be delivering this card today. I am freaking psyched!



8 responses to “Will This eBay Score Ever Show Up?

  1. I’ll say you’ll definitely get it. I recently traded with a super reliable Beckett store, and got the “electronic shipping info received” message for like 6 days before it ever really shipped. And then I had the cards in 2 days.

    I’ve had Ebays take up to 3 weeks…it’s been 4 business days…I think you’ll be okay!

    • Remember dude, I am overly paranoid. It’s part of my charm.

      • lol true. I mean, I recently ordered from a bizarre site and didn’t get the package for two weeks and they wouldn’t answer my e-mails so I started freaking. They came through in week 3 and the package was in my hands, looking great. But they still never e-mailed back. And still freaked me out.

        So I hope yours shows! It’s definitely a nice card.

      • I also sort of meant it more in “will the seller even mail the card out” sort of a thing. I think I got such a good deal that he could feel a bit hosed. I’d certainly feel hosed, only getting $20 for a card that nice.

      • Don’t hate the player, hate the game.

  2. You’ll get the card. The owner probably ships a mass package once a week. He has a ton of feedback. You’ll be fine. Go back to Birdland baseball bliss.

  3. Darn nice card! Hope you get it!

  4. Hamrammobtown

    Hope you get it…wouldn’t it be a shame if the shipment was subpar and the card arrived damaged? No one would do that out of spite, would they?

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