2010 Ginter Rip Card Rip Video

That’s right bitches, I pulled a rip card! Decided to rip that sucker as well, and to do it on video to boot. It was recorded this morning, and I contemplated not posting it until the box total was added up, and scored Gint-A-Cuffs style. Since tomorrow morning I leave for the beach, and won’t have time to tabulate any scores till I come back next week, I decided to go for it. It’s not like that’s all this box had in it anyway, so there should still be plenty of intrigue when I finally get around to posting the whole shebang.

All 3 of my boxes have been busted, and all in all things went pretty well. I pulled 2 case hits, and 4 autos from only 3 boxes. The first box (which you saw last night), and the third box will be the ones I am using for the competition. You can expect the new score to beat to be posted next Thursday, upon my return.

In the meantime, enjoy me at my absolute tiredest. This was recorded early in the morning, after getting off of work. It was a 12 hour overnight shift, and you can certainly tell by looking at me that I am exhausted. There was no way I was going to get any sleep without knowing what the rip card had hidden away in its innards.

Oh, and no giving me a hard time about shaving the beard down. It was 100-plus degrees last week in Baltimore, and sometimes a chin needs to breathe.


7 responses to “2010 Ginter Rip Card Rip Video

  1. YouTube is telling me that the video is private and not allowing me to watch it.

  2. Thanks dude, it’s working now.

  3. Congrats on the pull. I’ve yet to pull a baseball rip card, but I’ve pulled two out of basketball. One was a red ink auto of Smush Parker and the other was an awesome silver auto (probably a 1/1) of Dwyane Wade. Dear Topps: Silver ink rubs off inside of a rip card. I still think that I let them off too easy on replacement value for that card since it had to have been a 1/1, but no one at Topps could confirm it.

  4. Of course you were going to rip it. It’s Kyle Freakin’ Blanks. Who wouldn’t rip that?
    Anyway, congratulations again! All those hits either bodes really well or really poorly for us in our cut of the case.

  5. I might rip any Kyle Blanks base I get just to be sure there are no sweet Matt Kemp minis in there! Super stoked for this case!


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  7. I don’t know if you heard, but that was me from San Diego yelling, “DON”T RIP IT!!!”

    Of course, I woulda ripped it too.

    I’ll work a trade for the Gonzalez “memorabilia” and Blanks husk when I rip my box (That according to UPS just arrived – Damn you work!)

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