Birthday Beardy

Tuesday was my 29th birthday. Not only am I getting old, but the entire day was dominated by nothing but Yankees talk. They even have to be in the spotlight on what is supposed to be MY special day. I’m kidding of course, sinceย  the media had every reason to discuss the Yankees on Tuesday, and the death of one of the best/craziest MLB owners of all time. The big guy got my birthday wish half right, as I did wish for the death of an MLB owner, but unfortunately, it wasn’t Mr.ย  Steinbrenner. I know George will give him hell for that, and I would expect no less from a man who demanded perfection at all times, which is something I can actually respect.

On my birthday, I took advantage of the fact that there were 2 sealed boxes of Ginter in my closet, and definitely busted the hell out of both of them. The results were mixed, but it was mainly a letdown, as you’ll see later.

First, I want to get to a little present to myself that I was able to snag on the eBay:

2010 Nick Markakis N43 relic

Tell me that isn’t a sweet card? I did spend more than I wanted to on this card, but there are only 25 of them, and one (aside from this one) has already been auctioned off, so I figured it was best to get while the getting was good… literally. For all I know, there will never be another one listed, so at least I can say that I got mines, and for a lot less than this loony has been trying to get for the 2007 version. Believe it or not, that listing is currently half the price of what he/she started listing it at. I’ve been watching it for the last year, and may have even submitted an offer or two. I consider myself to be quite the Markakis collector, and if I’m not willing to spend that much, good luck finding someone who is.

Oh, um, I also want to brag about the fantastic gift my fiance got me. She remembered me mentioning in passing, or pestering the hell out of her, it’s really all in the interpretation, about a certain large sports card convention that will be in Baltimore this summer. I also mentioned how I am a very important person, so general admission just wouldn’t cut it. Well… wouldn’t you know it, she went above and beyond. I will be attending the 2010 National Sports Collector’s Convention in Baltimore as a SUPERVIP! Yes, you read that correctly. In future wife’s eyes, not only am I a very important person, but a SUPER one at that.

Will I be running into any of you at The National in 3 weeks? Let me know if I will, cause I might have an extra O’s ticket, and I can definitely tell you what to check out, and what to avoid while you’re in Charm City. Think of me as your personal travel agent.

Anywho, earlier I mentioned a 2 hobby box Allen & Ginter break, right? Well, if the only reason you continued reading was to find out what I pulled, your wait is about to be over. For those of you who kept reading because you just can’t get enough of my charming wit, I’m absolutely positively flattered. Whichever camp you’re in, here are my breaks, or at least, here are the hits from my breaks.

BOX 1:

BOX 2:

Notice the lack of hits in both boxes. I was shorted a hit not once, but twice and on my birthday no less! Topps, I personally want to thank you for ruining my special day. First Steinbrenner, now this. Geez! While I am a little miffed about the missing hits, over the course of the 6 boxes I broke, I still came out one hit ahead of the “average 3 per box”, so in this case, I can’t really complain. However, if I had gone to my LCS, or picked up 2 boxes from Blowout or another retailer, and was shorted 2 hits, I would probably be pretty pissed off about it. If you couple that, with all the mangled cards people are pulling from hobby boxes (present company included), you just might be able to see how the one and only licensed Major League Baseball card producer has some people out there who are a bit miffed. I’ve read post after post from collectors who were either shorted hits, or received a bunch of damaged cards in their boxes. It’s a shame really, because Ginter was probably the most anticipated release of what has become a year dominated by Topps and their Strasmania. Instead, people are spending hard earned money, during possibly the worst economy of all time, on a ridiculously overpriced box of baseball cards, only to find that a bunch of them are bent or dinged, and that they aren’t getting all that the box states they’re supposed to receive.

Personally, I have close to 50 cards to send in for replacement. There was only one or two boxes out of the bunch that didn’t have a buttload of damaged cards, so on average, the other 4 boxes yielded 12 damaged cards per. This is simply unacceptable.

Oh well, at least I’m another year older.


19 responses to “Birthday Beardy

  1. Best thing to do in Baltimore is to find a way out of Baltimore.

    I kid. Some parts are quite nice.

    I will never understand the price point of Ginter and why people are so content to pay it. It’s a nice set, but $100+ per box seems excessive.

    • You don’t kid, and that’s fine. I know Baltimore sucks.

      • B’more has its nice and not-so-nice parts, just like every other city. I tend to stay away from cities in general – too crowded for my liking. I used to live in northern Virginia, and in fact went to college in southern VA, but I’ll never be back (to live, anyway). It’s just way too crowded.

        San Diego is the place for me! I don’t care how much more expensive it is (not THAT much more, to be honest).

  2. There’s a real good chance you’ll see another Markakis relic N43 on eBay real soon…

    …as soon as I figure out how many freakin’ points it is worth for my second Gint-a-Cuffs box

    • Dammit! Don’t tell me that. You mean I could have gotten it in trade? I might still be interested if you want to part with it.

  3. Baltimores awesome! Just because it’s the closest major league team to me is a huge part of that…Going to see em play the Jays on Sunday!

  4. Hey, great post, Happy Birthday! Nice Markakis and have fun at the National, I won’t be there but I’m sure it’ll still be great ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. Happy burfday, Beard-dude.

  6. I still steam at the ridiculously bad condition of my ridiculously overpriced box of Bowman that I wasted my money on. Bent, dinged, scratched and curled. Agg.

  7. Happy Birthday homie….. Hope you have many more and nice Hanley relic you old fucker!!

  8. Play at the Plate

    Happy belated Birthday Beardy! Enjoy your VIP status.

  9. Happy Birthday Beardy! Got a no-number Markakis mini as your present… And maybe it’ll even get mailed soon ๐Ÿ™‚

    • That’s the best news I’ve heard all day! Been looking to trade or buy one for the past week now. I have a Billy Butler Ginter relic with your name on it….

      • Cool…my second one…..I think EVERYBODY got one of these but Billy does have a lot a jersey to cut up! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Damn. If you’ve already got one, I’ll look to unload it elsewhere if you want. He’s my fantasy first baseman on one of my squads this year, and he’s been playing pretty well. Definitely a “value” pick.

      • I’ve got him on my team as well. If you want to keep him as trade bait for someone else that’s fine. I’m not the only Royals collector out there….I think there’s on more somewhere in Siberia I read about!

      • I’ll find something to send you cause I really want that Markakis.

  10. I’m truly jealous of the Markakis relic that you picked up on the ‘bay. BTW I will be at the National on Saturday so maybe we can meet up and I can Hang with a SUPER DOOPER VIP. I was going to be there Friday too but I have no where to stay and can’t justify the cost of a hotel room for a night.

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