Cards From The National – Day Two

Onward, to day 2 of 2010 National in Baltimore! I picked up a lot more cards on day two, but all of them were less expensive than the ones I picked up on day one. Not to say I didn’t score some quality cards, or spend as much money as on day one, because I’m pretty sure I did. My wallet was a little fatter on the morning of day 2, since the first thing I did upon arriving was unload the Strasburg redemption I had gotten on day one. DA had already stopped buying them by the time of my arrival, which was fine by me, since I was able to get $20 more than they were offering from a dealer who was set up right behind him. I sort of knew the dealer from the day before anyway, since we were in the Strasburg line together, and had gotten to chatting. Here are the cards I picked up on Thursday, which was day 2 of the National for me:

2004 Topps Chrome William McKinley Presidential Pastime refractor

2004 Topps Chrome Ulyses S. Grant Presidential Pastime refractor

2004 Topps Chrome Harry Truman Presidential Pastime refractor

2004 Topps Chrome Calvin Coolidge Presidential Pastime refractor

Total cost: $8, or $2 each. I had actually walked away from this dealer the day before, because according to his Beckett, each one of these refractors was worth $5. He was not the first dealer I laughed at and walked away from during my 3 days at the National, and he surely wouldn’t be the last either. The next morning, immediately after selling my Strasburg, I went to see him again, and we were able to agree on a price of $8 for the lot. Believe it or not, these cards are pretty tough to come by, but they look great. I must be a fool for trying to complete a parallel insert set from 6 years ago, but at least I can cross these 4 off the list.

2010 Bowman Nick Markakis 1992 Bowman insert

2010 Topps Tribute Eddie Murray

2009 Topps Tribute Brooks Robinson

2009 Topps Tribute Jim Palmer

2004 Bowman Nick Markakis Signs Of The Future autograph

Total cost for 5 card lot: $22. The auto (which is on card by the way), was priced at $15, so I guess the price I paid for the Tribute base and the Markakis insert was a little on the steep side, but he wasn’t asking too much, in my opinion, so I pulled the trigger. Besides, at this point, I was shopping with house money anyway, after making a $78 profit on Strasburg. The half box of Series 2 I had to bust cost me $22, so that’s where I am getting that figure from. Tribute base cards sure look nice, and for $1 each, I’ll buy them up all day long.

2010 Upper Deck "Series 1" Nick Markakis Baseball Heroes art card

Total cost: $1. I offered the guy $.50, and he wasn’t having it. Considering these cards fall 1 per box, a dollar isn’t too bad. The one card I want more than anything is the autographed version of this one, hand numbered to 90. I searched high and low for it at the National, and figured since it’s the biggest card show in the world, and it was in Baltimore, that I would have no problem tracking one down. I figured wrong. I’ve only ever seen 2 of them, and they were both on eBay. One was a BIN, and in retrospect, I wish I’d bought it then.

2009 Donruss Elite Matt Hobgood on card autograph

Total cost: $8. This was a bit of an impulse buy, and I believe may have been the very first card I purchased on day 2. This will now be the third time I’ve had to type this paragraph, since wordpress keeps locking up on me whenever I try to save. Nice. Anyway, this card has been on my radar since Mojo and I busted a box of ’09 Elite, way back in February or March. I was hoping we’d pull it then, which we didn’t, but paying $8 for an on-card prospect auto isn’t too bad. Initially the seller was asking $10 for it, but I managed to talk him down a little bit. The guy who sold me this card specifically said that he was a collector, and not a dealer. I liked that about him, and ended up purchasing the next card from him, later on that day.

2003 Bowman Chrome Nick Markakis rookie autograph

Total cost: $35. If you’ve been reading my mindless drivel for any measure of time, you probably already know that this card is sort of like my personal holy grail. It was the first Wish List Card to be featured on my old blog, and I am absolutely thrilled to have finally added it to the Markakis collection. Two years ago, when I first wrote about it, you couldn’t get your hands on one for less than $75, and at the time, that was a crazy amount of money to spend on a card, at least to me. I’ve come a long way baby, and was able to pick this up for half of what it was going for in ’07. Initially, the collector who sold it to me was asking $40, but thanks to some bargaining, and the promise of a few additional purchases by Pop Startled, he agreed to let me have it for $35, which I thought was a good deal. The day before I had managed to talk another dealer into letting me have it for $40, but walked away, because he was being a bit of a prick about the whole thing. Initially, he wanted $60 for it. Prices were all over the place at the National. One guy would be selling a card for $20, and another would be trying to sell the exact same card for $500. Trust me when I tell you that the differences were sometimes that drastic.

1963 Topps Brooks Robinson

Total cost for Brooks plus 9 other ’63 Topps Orioles: $50. You already saw these cards a few days ago, so I won’t post them all again, but will run down the list of major names. Boog Powell, Hoyt Wilhelm, Robin Roberts, and 6 commons. All with sharp corners, and all for $50. Thank you Stephen Strasburg! Now my 1963 team set section of the team binder has a few less holes to be filled.

NOT PICTURED: The half box of 2010 Score Football that Pop Startled and I split to once again hit up the Panini wrapper redemption program. Our luck was much better this time with the redemption packs, as I pulled a Brandon Jennings /25, and a Dez Bryant /50. Pop hit a Magic Johnson /10, but it had a nice crease across the top of it, so he traded it to me.Oh, best hit of the Score break was a Michael Vick auto. No, I didn’t pull it. Total cost: $20

ALSO NOT PICTURED: The $14 burger and fries I ate at Johnny Rockets. Probably the biggest rip-off of the week. Total cost: $14, or half the price of Tim Tebow’s haircut.


Be sure to check back later tonight or tomorrow for the dramatic conclusion, where we shall see just how much damage one can do in only 30 minutes at the National.



4 responses to “Cards From The National – Day Two

  1. Damn…

    You could have broke that into six posts!!
    Just messing with you.
    Nice cards.


  2. I keep seeing people slam how Tribute looks but I love it. (the way it looks nit the price)

  3. I keep seeing people slam how Tribute looks but I love it. (the way it looks not the price)

  4. The Presidents look sweet, and many many congrats on picking up your Holy Grail!

    For shame on Johnny Rockets though. I used to be a fan, but I think Five Guys captures a lot of the similar flair without the kitsch, and the food rules.

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