Best TTM ever?

For anyone that doesn’t know Pat Neshek may be the most collector friendly guy in the bigs.

Neshek is a card and auto collector himself, so he is very TTM friendly.

A few years back when Topps was releasing the A-Rod road to 500 cards Pat Neshek mentioned on his blog he would sign the card corresponding with the HR he gave up to Mr. Rod.


Well I happened upon one and sent it to the Metrodome and a few weeks later my SASE arrived.


As you can see he not only signed it, he also inscribed it with this message, “I should not have thrown that pitch”.

How awesome is that?

Talk about a guy with his head in the right place.


11 responses to “Best TTM ever?

  1. Haha, Neshek rules, very nice card. I didn’t have any cards of his to send when I asked for his TTM, so instead I sent a few randoms, including Dick Pole and a 1988 Topps Dinosaurs Attack card. He didn’t sign the Pole, but he did sign the other card, resulting in this:

  2. That’s so awesome. Makes me want to find a card of him striking out A-Rod’s stupid ass and have him sign THAT instead

  3. Now I’m going to have to go through my crap cards and see if I have that one in the pile! Sweet auto.

  4. You got my vote on that one.

  5. Play at the Plate

    That’s cool. I wish there were more guys in baseball like Pat.

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  7. Pat Neshek is awesome!!! Very cool!

  8. Oh man, that rules. Absolutely hilarious! It’s nice to know there are professional athletes out there who have a sense of humor.

  9. My new favorite TTM hands down. Pat is one cool cat, and a fan’s dream. I love the twins, even if I don’t pull for them as a team, Joe Mauer is a hero and the up and comers, bull pen and dudes like Neshek are sick

  10. A perfect example of good ink.
    Its no coincidence he is a collector as well..

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