Hi, My Name Is Beardy, And I Am A Groupbreakaholic.

Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve definitely been busting less and less wax. It’s not that I don’t like it. In fact, I probably like it too much, but lately it seems like every box I bust ends up being a ginormous kick to the wallet, and after a while, enough is enough. Don’t get it twisted, I’m still spending a decent amount of coin on cardboard, but lately, it’s been spent on group breaks instead of hobby boxes. Besides, I’m a team/player collector anyways, and am all out of room to store base cards. Group breaks just make more sense to me at the moment, and you’ve still got a shot at those elusive case hits. The best part is, if it’s a team break, that case hit is going to be even sweeter, since it’ll be one you’ll want to keep.

Below are 4 of my better group break pulls.

This card came from a slotted group break of 2008 UD Premier that I Am Joe Collector hosted sometime last year. By “slotted”, I mean that each slot was for a hit, and not a team. I like slotted breaks, because you legitimately have a shot at something completely foreign and awesome to you. I am not an Angels fan, I am not even a Nolan Ryan fan either. I respect the man, and think he was one of the greatest pitchers of all time, but he’s not someone I collect. It doesn’t make this card any less awesome to me. It’s numbered out of 10 as well, so that certainly doesn’t hurt its appeal. What it lacks in color, it more than makes up for in stitching.

This card is also from an I am Joe Collector slotted group break, and I remember being pretty psyched when it was pulled. Regretfully, I recently sold this card and used the funds to purchase a box. I don’t remember the break, or even recall what the product was, let alone what was pulled.

This card came from a group break hosted by Thorzul over the summer. He has a knack for pulling Orioles cards, which naturally makes me sign up each time he’s hosting a break. Funny thing was, I had purchased this card on COMC about a month before this break was announced. It didn’t much matter. The double was sent off to Peterson, in exchange for some even nicer cards.

I don’t have this card in hand yet, but it’s yet another score from an I Am Joe Collector group break. It was pulled for me in the now defunct monthly baseball break, September edition.

As of this post, I am currently signed up for 5 or 6 group breaks, hosted by various blogs, and have decided to give the breaks on the Blowout forums a try. I am willing to acknowledge that I may have a problem, but at least I’m not afraid to talk about it.

In this day and age, where hobby boxes are all to frequently short on promised hit, or contain damaged cards, group breaks are becoming even less of a gamble. I’d almost be less upset about getting ripped off by someone for a $30 group break slot than I would be dropping $75 on a box that yielded a bunch of damaged cards. Going into a group break you know you might not pull a damn thing, but there’s a guarantee when you open a box, or at least there’s supposed to be. For the record, up to this point, I have yet to be stiffed on a break. Sure, I’ve gotten a stack of base cards, or in an instance or two, absolutely nothing, but to paraphrase the great Curtis Blow, “those are THE BREAKS”. I’d almost rather have nothing than a stack of non-O’s base cards, and two autographs of guys who have a .0362 chance at making the big leagues.



14 responses to “Hi, My Name Is Beardy, And I Am A Groupbreakaholic.

  1. I have never joined a group break, for me the physical act of opening the packs is part of the draw.

  2. Any of those cards up for trade? (Specifically I’m interested in the Nolan Ryan)… if they are part of your permanent collection, I more than understand… Thanks!

  3. I like your reasoning on group breaks, but the first comment was spot on, it is also about the thrill of the unknown. I bet the host of the break has the most fun. There is also that guy on youtube that busts a ton of product for other people, including cases of high end stuff. I want THAT job.

    • I always wondered how lazy you have to be to let someone else bust your box I mean doesn’t that take all the fun out of it? That guy could easily pull a super hit, and re-record your box.. I guess you gotta trust that guy with tattoo’s all over his arms, and hands.

      • Not everyone out there is trying to rip you off. I’d lik to think I’m not being ripped off, but you’re right, I absolutely could be.

      • I love Chris’s break on youtube. But I agree, I don’t see wht you would let someone else open your cards. A group break is one thing but why just for the hell of it.

      • Who am I with Tattoos all over my arms lol..

  4. I enjoy group breaks for the same reasons as Beardy, I get my guys without having to spend a fortune. I’ve been in a couple slot group breaks on Blowout and one of my best cards came from there. A John Ritter autograph from the Buffy TV series. You just have to make sure the guy doing the break is legit (and they will let oyu know on the boards if he isn’t) and it’s usually best is the break is done live on Ustream or something similar.

  5. When it comes to high end, the breaker has the most fun, when it is low end i.e Topps Jumboness, it is um well less fun. I think I am going to go back to slot breaks for high end. IE UD black, premier, and such.

    I don’t get having some one else bust a box for me. I was told its because the people that buy the boxes want their cards seen for trading purposes. Whatever.

  6. and for the record. I am not trustworthy, I keep the big hits like Nolan ryan 4 piece and longoria autos for myself.

  7. Who accused you of being dishonest? I know you pocket all my Cal autos though.


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