Deep breaths…

Looking through some (not all, hell not even most) of our fellow bloggers blogs I just couldn’t take it anymore. I have to ask, why do some who claim to be card collectors seem to hate every facet of the hobby?

One of the reasons I was drawn to my boys Beardy and Mojo was the lack of negativity. Sure this blog comes across things that rub us the wrong way from time to time but in general this is a site run by three guys that like collecting.

I hear all the time about whats wrong with the hobby, or what is making people want to leave the hobby. You know what makes me want to leave the hobby, negativity. Sure there are problems, there are with anything. This hobby has had it’s good days and bad. Gimmicks, over production, overkill (jersey cards), quality issues etc… have been around since the hobby went from kids to adults in the 80’s. Before we had Kazuo Uzuki and Bush in the stands we had Billy Ripken. But rest assured trends move on but the core stays the same.

The core of the hobby has always been the sports they represent. The guys on the field, floor, or ice and the fans that love them. It used to be good enough to just have his card, then we needed his rookie, then his foil embossed insert, then his Die Cut, then his relic, then his auto and now it’s his chrome refractor jersey patch auto numbered to 99, but at the core it’s always been about the guy on the card.

I don’t love every product, things piss me off sometimes. I am sick of retro themed sets, I mean really sick of them, but I know the trend will pass. Topps jacked Chrome this year. It will get better and something else will have a problem. As I said before, cards are like anything else has it’s ups and downs. Trust me the sky isn’t falling.

So my fellow bloggers I will tell you what I used to tell the cases I had when I was a judicial officer at GWU. No one is forcing you to be here, attendance or in this case participation, is voluntary. If you hate it so much do something else. When you just sit and piss and moan all the time you make yourself and those around you miserable. I learned a long time ago you can go through life pissed off or happy. Why would you want to be pissed all the time.


6 responses to “Deep breaths…

  1. Nobody skips reading my blog cause they only hear complaining.

    They just skip it cause of trade posts…
    (that and they cheer for the wrong team)

  2. I don’t know which blogs you’re looking at — there are only a couple that I see that are consistently negative all the time. The rest seem to space out their criticism with other more “positive” posts, very similar to this blog.

    • You are probubly right, its the 10/90 rule, 10 percent of the pople tend to cause (or in this case spout) 90 percent of the problems.

  3. I guess it’s OK that some of us get pissed sometimes because it means that we care so much about our hobby. I try not to be too negative on my blog when something bothers me and when I am I hope it doesn’t scare anybody away.

  4. Play at the Plate

    I guess I’ll cancel my week long “What’s Wrong with the Hobby” series I had planned. Just kidding! I don’t know if it’s the hangover from my team losing the World Series or the offseason, but I’ve been in a funk. I hope it hasn’t come through too much in the blog. I know the blog posts have slowed down which I’ll rectify soon enough.

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