The Beardman Cardeth Pt. 16 – 1/1 Edition

Many, many moons ago, I posted some cards for sale on the Blowout Cards Forums. We’re talking like last summer here. It had been so long ago that I had totally forgotten about it, so you could imagine my surprise when I received a message about the Troy Tulowitzki letter patch auto that was listed in that post. It just so happened to have been sent by someone I’ve traded with before, and someone who I believe used to and even still might run his own blog. I’m talking about Teddy Dziuba, who also happened to have spent some time in the New York Mets organization. I think it’s pretty cool to trade cards with a guy who has a few of his own.

Anyway, Teddy made an offer for the Tulo that I just couldn’t refuse, so I shipped it out, along with a few other nice cards, and in return received the cardboard bevy you are about to feast your eyes on.

'10 Topps Chrome Terrence Cody, Teddy Dziuba auto, '07 Contenders Yamon Figurs auto

I’m still not in the mood to write about Ravens cards. I will tell you that Terrence Cody’s nickname is Cheeseburger, and from the looks of it, for good reason. It’s pretty cool that Teddy sent me an autographed card of himself. I’m sure he has stacks and stacks of this card. I know I would, if it were my card. Teddy and I are the only southpaws in history to not make the major leagues. Oh well, you win some, you lose some.

'07 BoChro Leron McClain, '08 Bowman Joe Flacco relic, '08 UD Masterpieces Joe Flacco black bordered parallel

Yeah, whatever. See you next year guys. Is it Spring Training time yet?

'10 Bowman Manny Machado USA Chrome

Hey, there’s a baseball card, that’s more like it. I’m trying to collect some Machado cards, but his prices are a little inflated right now. I’m guessing that in one to two years, that $80 BDPP auto will become a $20 BDPP auto. That’s when I’ll finally pick one up. For an O’s collector, his cards are already becoming iconic, even though he’s still a raw prospect.

'08 Leaf Limited Joe Flacco "Prime" jersey /10

Note to Panini/Donruss/Whoever the hell you are this week: ONE COLOR JERSEY PIECES SHOULD NOT EVER EVER EVER BE CALLED “PRIME”. Aside from that, this is a nice card.

Hard to see, but this card is #'d 01/10

How are you going to number a card like this to 10? The design is decent, I dig he team logo relic window, but to me, this just looks like a plain old jersey relic, and not the awesomely disgusting mojoz that it should be. Despite it all, I’m still pretty jacked to add it to my collection. It’s not everyday that you’re able to talk someone into trading away a card numbered so low.

Much like Palmers flowing locks, this card is all business on the front...

Oh boy, here it comes, the pièce de résistance. I’m still shocked I was able to land this card, and that Teddy hadn’t already traded it to someone else. This card has been offered to me no less than 3 times prior to the trigger being pulled this time around.

and all party on the back.

I think this might be the first “true” 1/1 in my collection. Is it really a true 1/1 though? There are like 4 variations of this base card, but this one is the only one with the red umbrella Topps logo on the back.

So two extremely low numbered cards of two of my favorite players in the same trade? This one is definitely a winner. A big thank you to Teddy for the great cards.

Oh, and how about my Orioles making some moves? They’ve signed a ton of people this off-season. It’ll be interesting to see how everything gels come springtime. It’d be nice to see us out of the basement for once. Look out Toronto, we’re coming for you!

P.S. – Teddy either has or at one time had a card blog. For the life of me, I can’t remember what it’s called. Regardless, you should still check it out.


3 responses to “The Beardman Cardeth Pt. 16 – 1/1 Edition

  1. Yamon Figurs is definitely a top-5 football name for me. It sounds like something a Jamaican guy would say when confronted with a situation that he’s not happy with but isn’t totally surprised by either.
    Also, 1-color jerseys should not only not be called “Prime”, they don’t belong in packs that cost more than $1 PERIOD. If a relic card is numbered to 25 or less it damn well’d better have a patch on it. Don’t go inflating crappy jersey cards by slapping “1/1” on them and calling them rare.
    Anyway, nice haul here. I bet BA Benny is jealous of that Dziuba auto!

  2. No card blog for me Beardy…I used to write for a Mets Minor League blog but never pulled the trigger on a card blog…too lazy for that my friend

    And yes, I have stacks of that card. The company that makes them will only do print runs of 500 or more when you put in an order…so I ordered 1,000 haha

  3. Nice hits! I’ll add that your Palmer 1/1 is an artistic take on the photo Topps used for two previous sets, 1977 Topps (as a record breaker) and a 2009 throwback. Check out the original and both cards at this Fleer Sticker Project post.

    Amazing Orioles items from Topps

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