Fun facts courtesy of Allen and Ginter

A few months ago I dipped back into my undergrad learnin’ to write about the Piltdown Man card in last years A&G, a card I still can’t believe exists (i mean that in a god way). Having studied anthropology the card makes me very happy.

Today I was at Target with my son and picked up some Allen and Ginter. In one pack was this baby.
Like most guys I went through a big dinosaur phase. Unlike most guys it lasted from when I was about 4 until, well now. Even though my focus in school was more on archeology I did take a course in paleontology. Mr. Iguanodon is where the story of modern scientific dinosaur study begins.

The first iguanodon fossils (teeth if I remember correctly were discovered in England in the 1820’s. The man that found it, Dr. Mantell pieced the fossils together coming up with the first scientific reconstruction of a dinosaur. he didn’t get it all right, he had the spike that we know think belongs on the hands on the guys nose. he named it Iguanodon due to the teeth resembling iguana teeth. The Iguanodon was a hit in Victorian England and was the center piece of the famous Crystal Palace dinosaurs. Before the display opened they held a part in side the model of Iguanodon.
Aint no party like an Iguanodon party.

It was the common held belief at the time that dinosaurs would be slow lumbering blutes. Now it is believed the iguanodon could hit speeds of almost 15 mph.

I also got this card.
That reminds me, Dr. Mantell, the dude that discovered iguanodon was an obstetrician.


2 responses to “Fun facts courtesy of Allen and Ginter

  1. 2009-10 Champs Hockey is the set to build if you want some dinosaur-age. There’s more prehistoric plants and animals in that set than there are hockey players.

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