All Hail The Atomic Refractor!

Bowman (::cough:: HARPER) mania has taken the collecting world by storm. Not even I, hater of most everything, am not immune to its charms.

While searching eBay just now, I cam across THIS LISTING.

Anyone who read Wax Heaven (should be reading The Wax Morgue now) in its heyday, or collected cards in the mid-90’s is already familiar with the awesomeness that is the Atomic Refractor. Not only is it nice to see that Topps included a Bowman’s Best insert (paying homage to the ’94 set I think). While the design makes me think of Kevin Orie, this is still a card I will fantasize about adding to my collection for years to come, especially if Britton is “as advertised”. The kid has been downright incredible this season, and should have two more wins to his credit. Throwing 16 straight scoreless innings and getting non-decisioned twice is just bad luck!

For those of you too lazy to click the link, here are some screenshots I jacked from the eBay listing.



Props to Topps for bringing back the Atomic Refractor. Aside from a few retail packs, I probably can’t afford to bust much Bowman this year, so it’s doubtful I’ll see one in person, but I really like the way that Topps went about re-introducing it to baseball collectors.

Oh, I mentioned Bowman retail a few sentences ago… Just got back from Wally World, where I picked up two rack packs. Lookee what Chromey goodness I pulled from the first one:

Can you believe these things are selling for like $30? I’ll sell mine for less than that if anyone out there is interested.


5 responses to “All Hail The Atomic Refractor!

  1. I pulled one of those (harper, not atomic refractor) as well and promptly sold it so I could open some more packs of something.

  2. I’ll trade for it.

  3. I will give you $1. We need an outlier to bring these average prices down as people are paying way too much.

    Or if you prefer, 100 pennies.

  4. Unbelievable. AWESOME!!!

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