2011 Topps Monopoly Baseball Preview Images

Today Topps released preview images for yet another 2011 debut release. Topps Monopoly will be the last set released for the calendar year, and is tentatively scheduled to be released in mid-December. Obviously, this set is a nod to both the classic Parker Brothers board game, and a tongue-in-cheek jab about Topps’ status as the only licensed producer of MLB trading cards.

Joey Votto New York Ave. parallel #'d /50

This looks like it’s going to be a fairly high-end product, with a limited print run. Every single card in the set is a refractor, and they’re all serially numbered. The base set is complicated, as each of the addresses in the iconic board game are represented in card form, and work as a series of parallels. The more expensive and exclusive the property, the lower the numbering on the card will be.

Cliff Lee Baltic Ave. base #'d /199

Jose Bautista Park Place parallel #'d /10

Along with plenty of shine, collectors can also look forward to an impressive, although yet to be determined autograph checklist. All autographs with the exception of the 1/1 Free Parking parallels will only be available via redemption, and there’s also another catch… you won’t know who you have pulled an autograph card of until you redeem it online.

Chance Card autograph redemption

Community Chest autographed relic redemption

This is also the first ever set to feature game-used memorabilia from baseball’s barnstorming era, as all of the railroad cards feature exhibition game worn memorabilia of some of the game’s most iconic players including Babe Ruth, Lou Gehrig and Satchel Paige!

Babe Ruth Reading Railroad relic

Topps got cute with the Water Works theme, and turned it into a relic set featuring game used home run balls from shots that splashed themselves into San Francisco’s famous McCovey Cove.

Pablo Sandoval Waterworks relic

Each box of Topps Monopoly will include 4 packs of 4 cards, 3 of which will be base cards, and one game used, redemption card or 1/1 autograph. That’s 4 pretty nice hits per box, but from the looks of it, this set is too rich for my blood, especially since some of the redemption cards are actually for nothing at all. In fact, Topps is now flaunting the fact that some boxes will be shorted hits.

Chance Card Go To Jail/shorted hit

Along with these risky redemptions are some of the most beautiful, on-card 1/1 autographs I have seen in a long time. Topps didn’t mention the insert ratios for any of these cards yet, but if the set is only as large as the number of properties in the game, I can’t imagine these being more than one per 4 or 5 cases. I’m already drooling over this one, but there’s no way I’ll ever be able to afford it, and we all know I’m not gonna pull it.

Brooks Robinson Free Parking 1/1 parallel autograph

What do you guys think? Does this set look like a winner? I think the idea, while being extremely arrogant, is also pretty cool. The cards look great, and who wouldn’t want that Ruth relic, even if it does look fake! Topps has already announced about 45 baseball sets this year, so why not add one more to their Diamond Anniversary for good measure?


*Yes, this is a joke. Topps, Parker Bros.,  please don’t sue!

45 responses to “2011 Topps Monopoly Baseball Preview Images

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  2. Wow, great work! I love it. Sign me up for a pre-order haha

  3. This post puts others’ to shame. Tremendous idea and execution. I’d buy those cards in an instant … if I had the cash.

  4. I was actually sad to see this wasn’t real…..it’s really well done! And Monopoly is my favorite board game

  5. Amazing job on those!
    The questions is, would you have had the balls to put Ichiro on Oriental Avenue?

  6. That…was…awesome. Nicely done. The RR cards are sweet, and the Chance card for the shorted hit was hilarious.

  7. I really needed a good laugh today. Thanks Beardy!

    BTW, Topps is really taking the Mayan calender seriously with the expiration dates of the redemptions.

  8. This is the best execution of a card set parody I have ever seen! I would love to create a “monopoly” pack break video! Can I have your permission? Great job!

  9. Panini has done it too with the redemption dates, lol.

    Otherwise, I am actually very impressed with this post. I would put it right up there with Stale Gum and his comparing products to illicit drugs. Nicely done!

  10. When I saw the link, I knew this was a joke.. Then as I started scrolling down, I had myself questioning if this was actually real. Impressive work you’ve done here.

  11. Brilliant work! I’d buy the set for the Votto alone.

  12. Hands down the best card set parody EVER. Join me in a round of applause for our resident designer!

  13. That was truly awesome, and if there ever was a better tie-in for a set design, I haven’t heard of it!

  14. Bravo Beardy. Bravo.

  15. You had me hook, line, and sinker from the get-go. As I started reading the other comments I had to go back up and read the disclaimer.

  16. ok I am extremely disappointed that this set is not real.. Very disappointed!

    This would be incredible!

  17. Genius. And the execution is amazing. Not only should Topps not sue, they should hire you immediately. I can’t imagine a better way than to rub the monopoly in Upper Deck’s face.

  18. Like everybody else, I love it! If this were real, and not a high-end product (both impossibilites to be sure), I would be all over it. Very creative, very funny, and very sad that something similar won’t be coming out this year.

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  20. Here are the parody videos! I give you full credit in the description and also a link to your site. I am going to write a blog post about them too (again full credit and link)!

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  22. Speechless.. So this is where you have been hiding.. I need directions a.s.a.p..


  23. Fantastic job with this, not to mention stellar Photoshop skills. I had a good laugh.

  24. Wow! I actually really liked the Water Works card and didn’t think it was a fake set until the shorted hit card.

  25. I can’t decide which is my favorite. Design wise I really like the look of the Batista. Concept and theme wise you can’t beat the railroad cards.

    • Bautista was the prototype, and the first card that I made. My favorite is either the Lee base, or the Ruth railroad card. Ruth was the first relic I made as well. Kind of mailed it in with the design on the Water Works relic, but I was tired of photoshopping at that point.

  26. Blown away! Awesome job! Now I’ll go back to my stupid birthday posts.

  27. the sewingmachineguy

    Fucking Awesome!

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  29. Beardy : In the words of Lord Vadar ; “Impressive…most impressive.”

    Jenn & Houdini : I feel like I’m watching a baseball version of Orson Welles War of the Worlds. Really well done.

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  31. By far, one of the best posts I have read in a while! I love the whole idea and think Topps should be soaking this up!

  32. love the babe ruth esp cause the gu is from my home town. i guess when babe visited here he would bring boxes of signed balls and give them away to all the kids he saw

  33. Topps…are you listening?

  34. I was late to the party… Tears of joy. Beautiful.

    From concept to completion. Awesome!

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