New 2011 Topps Monopoly Baseball Preview Images

On Friday, Topps released a few more preview images for their upcoming Monopoly release. This is really starting to look like a very high-end set, and definitely one that’s too rich for my blood. I can already tell you that I’ll definitely be gunning for a few of the Orioles autographs though, especially since they’re all on card.

Ichiro Electric Company Bat Relic

I’m guessing the unnumbered Electric Company bat relics are the ying to the Railroad jersey relic from last week’s teaser images’ yang. They look really good, and I’m especially fond of the rough, hand-drawn look that the light bulb window has to it. It really does look almost exactly like the original from the Monopoly game itself.

Luxury Tax Redemption

This is interesting… so not only are a certain number of boxes going to be shorted a hit, but you may end up owing Topps additional money as well? I wonder if this is some sort of secret redemption card? Otherwise, why would anyone log on and actually send Topps more money?

Stan Musial Monopoly Bucks

Rumor has it that these will be one per case rip cards that actually contain cash money that matches the denomination on the front. I wonder if this will be a 1/1, since $500 bills are pretty tough to come by. It’s all about the McKinleys baby! Topps has done this before, a few years ago, with Topps Treasury Basketball. I like the idea, and would definitely be amped to immediately recoup some of my purchase in the form of cash money, but these will probably be worth much more if they’re unripped, just like with Allen & Ginter.

Albert Pujols Electric Company Bat Relic Auto Booklet 1/1

Oh my! Look at that glorious autograph! It’s freaking huge! It finally looks like Topps is giving collectors what they want, even though most of us won’t be able to afford it. I’d imagine this beast would fetch a pretty penny on eBay. Guess we’ll get to find out early next year.

Jason Heyward base parallel autograph #'d /25

For base autographs, these look fantastic. When you pull a base autograph redemption, you don’t know who the player is, or what the card will be numbered to. It could be a Park Place #’d /10, or a Baltic Avenue #’d /199. I think this is a pretty big risk on the part of Topps, and yet another example of redemptions gone too far. Can’t you let us know who’s in a set before it’s released? Regardless, these cards are so nice looking, that I doubt a lot of collectors will mind, especially if the checklist is strong.

A lot is still unknown about this set, like its exact release date, full checklist, or pack-out configuration, but from what I’ve seen it looks absolutely incredible. There’s also no word yet on MSRP, but it would surprise me if a box of this stuff was less than $300-$400. Definitely too much for this collector, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. As with every high-end set, I’m sure there will be some singles for sale on the cheap.


*Yes, just like last time, this is still not a real card set. Once again, Topps, Parker Bros., please don’t sue!


8 responses to “New 2011 Topps Monopoly Baseball Preview Images

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  2. Thanks bro. It’s become an addiction. I already have one final card prepared, but am not sure if I’m gonna post it or not.

  3. I want the Heyward and I don’t even like the Braves.

  4. Trying to figure out how I can create a video pulling the booklet… even if you designed both sides it would a logistical nightmare. These are awesome Beardy! Great job!

  5. Excellent job again, man, these look outstanding. Cue the Blowout shitstorm in 3, 2, 1…

  6. Amazing job on these… but where’s my ::fantasy:: card?

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