More New Topps Monopoly Preview Images – Cut Autographs

Topps was kind enough to drop us a few more preview images of their upcoming Monopoly release, so we figured we’d return the favor and be kind enough to share them with you. The 3 err…. 7 cards (technically) that you are about to see are all from the all one-of-one Top Hat Cut Signatures insert set. Topps really went all out here, and from what I’ve heard, every single cut auto in this product will be a double booklet, or more. That’s right, no solo cuts in the whole product.

Clint Eastwood, Lee Van Cleef & Eli Wallach "The Good, The Bad & The Ugly" triple cut

I realize the cuts are kind of hard to see here, so the individual scans of each card are below. We received a file that was quite large, but WordPress compresses everything to the max size it can display upon import. Lucky for us, we know how to chop images up in photoshop.

Clint Eastwood "The Good" cut auto

Lee Van Cleef "The Bad" cut auto

Eli Wallach "The Ugly" cut auto

Wow. This has to be one of the nicest cut autographs I’ve ever seen. Not only is this one of mine (any my wife’s) favorite movies of all-time, but the card is also well designed. Finally, someone listened to collectors and included a freaking image of the player(s), or in this case, actors. As to what a triple cut of one of the best western movies ever is doing in a baseball set based on the Monopoly board game, well, two of the guys on this particular card are wearing hats, and that has to count for something. I guess.

Michael Eisner/John D. Rockefeller dual cut auto

When I opened my email, I thought this card was a joke. It has to be, right? I mean who would be brazen enough to actually brand themselves as a Monopolist? Granted, the comparisons to Rockefeller, especially from a business standpoint, are definitely flattering, but to me, this smacks of pure arrogance. Sweet Mickey ears though.

Jesus Christ/Bryce Harper dual cut auto

Rarer than rare 1/1 error card of a 1/1, or sad but true statement about the modern hobby? You tell me Topps, you tell me. I think this one was made just for dayf. Since he won’t pull it from Gintacuffs, he’d better be holding out hope that someone comes up with Monopowars or something, and fast.

I’m kind of getting tired of this set and it’s boring concept. I mean, the cards look nice, but people don’t really want an all-refractor, all on-card autograph baseball set, do they? I mean, there aren’t any flower cards in it, and I don’t even think Guy Fieri is even on the checklist.



*Yes, still a joke, and a funny one that that.

21 responses to “More New Topps Monopoly Preview Images – Cut Autographs

  1. The Jesus/Harper card is already a winner, but I love how you reversed their pics at the top of the card. If you ever do a football version, make sure to make a Jesus/Tebow card!

  2. I think a Jesus Christ/Judas cut would have been much better for a “Great Rivals Cut Series”.

  3. At first I thought what a nice way to spoof the topps MLB licence, but gotta tell you, I read blogs daily, and not just this one but a few have been making a mockery of the industry. Allen Ginter is out, and a few football products are set to release not to mention some real goodies that hit ebay, but instead more and more dribble about a set that doesn’t exist except to try and get a laugh, come on get back on track, a joke is good, but only until it becomes stale.

    • Are you serious…. We like to laugh around here, collect around here, give away free wax around here,and trust me we are far from perfect around here.

      Why get on track, and risk getting hit by the train?

    • We are not responsible for what other blogs do or say. I started this a week ago as more of a way to showcase custom cards, and not necessarily to mock Topps (although that was definitely motive 1A).

      Honestly though, if you are ok with the current state of the hobby, then whoopee for you, but don’t try to give us a hard time for expressing ourselves. People can say and do what they want, and if things are out of whack, it’s up to us as collectors and customers to speak out about it.

    • What they said, the three-headed-monster has each others backs!

      As far as I am concerned when you have the skills my man Beardy does you flaunt that sh$t!

    • @jj: 1/10 on the troll meter. First, at least get the word right: it’s drivel, not “dribble.” Second, this was both hilarious and a nice display of Beardy’s custom card skills. Third, if you don’t want people making fun of our new baseball card overlords, you can try to help bring an end to Topps’ monopoly (see what I did there?). Finally, if you feel like being part of the “everything is ok in the hobby” propaganda machine, go hang out with your buddies on

      Kevin–loved the three-headed monster comment. I think he just gave you a new idea for a booklet card, Greg.

  4. Reserve a dual cut of George Soros/ Rupert Murdoch for me… After all nothing trumps the monopoly of mankind..

  5. Hey, thanks for ruining the hobby!

    I just wrote review of your horrible Topps Monopoly set and the only good thing I could say about it was that “at least it does not have a Bryce Harper autograph in it!” Then you go and do THIS! Are you kidding me?
    Just when I think you couldn’t do anything dumber… you go and TOTALLY REDEEM YOURSELF!

    Thanks alot for the great laugh… now I gotta go and write another review.

    Can I do another video and pull the Harper??

  6. I never realized the JC had hand writing like a 13-year-old girl, you learn something new every day.

  7. Dennis thanks for the grammer correction, 1/10 on the troll meter wow thanks, never thought of myself as a troll, hang out with beckett no I’ll pass on that one, and Mojo I never said that I was happy with the hobby, but I know a family member who works for Topps, 30 years in the Company, and I had the pleasure of touring the facilty were the cards are thought up and designed, they love the fact they have the exclusive MLB license, Topps doen’t give a darn about what people want, as long as the money is rolling in with this ecomomy, there happy

  8. JJ, truth is every buisness is out to make money. There isn’t much altruism in the buisness word. Giving people what they want and the “money rolling in” are dirrectly connencted. No company survives by not listening to their customer base.

  9. Kevin really, got an interesting fact for you, since putting the Million card giveaway and the Diamond Anniversary promotion in effect, Topps just base has increased 72.4% in two years just by putting codes in packs. Now factor in that the only reason they did this was to generate the sale of topps base products by inserting the vintage cards and prize cards with the codes. Collectors went ape crap, topps capitol went through the roof, and they did not listen to their customer base with all of this, this was the brain child of someone at Topps looking at there vault, and wondered what would happen if this was worked in packs.

    • What you presented was an interesting fact, but doesn’t change my statement. You must read your market and customers to succeed.

      I am not sure your background, but I have some business experience so let me explain. Listening to your customers does not mean asking them for suggestions, it means looking at market data when making decisions. EVERY successful company does that, period. Topps marketing department probably hires research firms to look at trends in buying as well as produce profiles of the target market (us). That is listening to customers. They would not have moved forward with the give away if the research didn’t show a high probability of success. Buying habits of collectors most definitely was a big part of development of that promotion.

  10. Jeezz..

    Thanks for the interesting info jj..


  11. here’s how the promotion started, see how collectors are getting tried of relics or the over use of relics, topp’s decided to throw something at collectors that would get a lot of attention and bring back that stir for vintage, I mean how many collectors did hold a card from the 60’s let alone the 70’s and it also brought a lot of collectors back to the market. How does topp’s do market research how fast a product sells during the presell of the product. When a Jumbo box goes for 75.00 presell and then 2 months later there over 120.00 topp’s marketing team which is a guy behind a computer doing searches of 3 sites, ebay of course, the bad guy beckett, and topps facebook page, they see what is and is not selling and being talked about. The guy I talked to said that inserts sell the product, that’s how they read the customers.

    • Topps was a publicly traded company until ’07. At that time it was worth several hundred million dollars. Share holders wouldn’t have let them get away with anything less than thorough marketing. It is currently owned by an organization with over 14 billion (with a b) in holdings. You don’t run that type of business with a guy at a computer checking out three sites as the sum total of your market research.

      Please just stop.

  12. and maybe people purchased so much Topps because there was NOTHING ELSE to purchase. There are people in the hobby who collected other brands before Topps had it’s monopoly. Now that they are the only game in town, what else are you going to buy? I really don’t think people ran out to buy Topps just because of code cards. I certainly didn’t, and when I redeemed the codes, the cards (especially the vintage cards) I redeemed weren’t even ex-mt condition. If they were, that would be something to get excited over.

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