Topps Diamond Giveaway Goodies..

Thanks to a gazillion Value Packs  I’m only 15 rings away from the promise land, however, as soon as they “dry up” I can see myself struggling to acquire the few remaining rings needed to enter the contest.  If any collectors out there would like  to give me a “hand” I would most certainly throw some ” live wax” in your direction …My account name is themojohand..

Yes.!!. a complete freaking set..I gets it.. I’m completely elated, and can’t wait to stare at the box when it arrives. Unlike the typical complete set found on Wally World shelves I actually see this set holding future value.. This year’s set also included some really cool inserts ..Its just too bad the collector in me wont allow myself to take a peek inside, and check them out..

Every field is guaranteed to hold a valuable live prize, and as you can tell I have pretty much dug around it.. The worse case scenario here is getting down to the last patch of sod, and having the contest end. Could you imagine?


Please feel free to share your top three.. I’m really interested in hearing what success other collectors have had.

Thanks Kids,


19 responses to “Topps Diamond Giveaway Goodies..

  1. I didn’t have much success with my codes. A few 1974s that I turned into 8 cards from the 70s that I turned into a a Sabathia DDC. I had it shipped and the cards are awesome.

  2. My top three:
    Andre Ethier Red Diamond Die Cut
    Clayton Kershaw Red Diamond Die Cut
    1966 Topps Lou Johnson

  3. I’ve had 3 digs so far and got a Yankees ring, Redlegs ring and Bisons ring. Need any of those?

  4. Hey, after you fill the entire field, it doesn’t end. They give you a brand new empty field to dig on. woo hoo. I thought I would actually get the Mantle ring if I cleaned the slate… just more proof that I am an idiot.

  5. I dug a set of the Anniversary cards from my field! My top three cards are:

    1968 Bob Millers (#534)
    1963 Mike Fornieles
    and the one everybody asks for…..
    1969 Mike Marshall of the Seattle Pilots

    Over 35 cards and not one Diamond Die Cut! Ah well

  6. My best card was a Lew Burdette ’01 Archives auto. Hit it on my 2nd code of the year, but haven’t really hit anything since. A few cards from the 60’s but all of them are no names.

    Think I’m up to around 20 codes or so and haven’t hit a die-cut yet either.

  7. I have four rings, if you need any of them, they’re yours. Kansas City Royals, AZ Dbacks, Chicago White Stockings, and Nolan Ryan

  8. O>k I got the necessary trades set up.. Thanks for everyones help.. Keep your eyes peeled for a huge contest here in the next few weeks..


    Saturday afternoon I entered two codes and dug up the one missing Mickey Mantle ring that everyone’s looking for.

    I can’t wait to see this ring on my finger! Looks like a World Series Ring.

  10. Want to hear a good one? Around my tenth code, I got a Cal Ripken Jr. die cut, but at that time I didn’t know that they where REAL cards that you could have sent to you so………………. the IDIOT that I am, I traded it for 50 cards of crap! I just figured, “Hey, I am a nice guy, and this guy wants it for his virtual set and I will never complete the whole set of DDC anyway”….AHHHH!!

  11. Hey just dug up a pack of vintage cards a week ago it was 1979 ended up with a dave winfield and a ty copp george sisler insert “record holders” im trying my hardest to get the complete set of cardinal ddc missing of course Albert I will trade anything i have for that card

  12. my bad COBB

  13. Thanks if u know anyone with one hit me up

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