Card Devaluation Who’s To Blame?

Will history repeat Itself?

The word Card Devaluation isn’t a term you hear regularly. Collectors are well aware It exists  just ask the  Ebay  Zybot  trying to make a buck ( literally) off a massive crop of single white relics that came one a box..  ( oh no here comes the Ebay anger rant …duck!!!!) ..  I call you Ebay shills out !!right here!! .. Lets see how accurate you’re bastard of a price guide is when hyper inflation hits, and  Arods  event worn sock sells for 10,000 dollars a pop. Or when deflation hits and your Strasburg auto sells for a nickel…. Oops that’s already happening.. ( sarcastic)  Some say the dollar ( Beckett) isn’t worth the paper it’s printed on …Is that why they print sports cards on cardboard..  ..

The said truth is our collections continue to lose value ..  Who’s behind this crap, or should I say what?  and how does it end..

This is an open discussion please take part.. Nothing is more rewarding to The Mojo Beard  than hearing your views..




30 responses to “Card Devaluation Who’s To Blame?

  1. Card values are much more extreme then ever before. Cards like high end patch auto rookies sell for higher and higher prices, as do high graded old school cards like MJs rookie or old Mantles.

    The balance of whats left tends to slowly meander into the dollar bin. The reason is the same it has always been, supply and demand. Even though individual cards may have short print runs the overall supply of a given players autos or patch cards is pretty large.

    I don’t think there is a solution, I am not even sure it’s a problem, it’s just the way it works.

  2. It’s basically the same odds now as Powerball. When you hit, you hit the motherlode. When you don’t, you just eat the cost and try again for the jackpot.

    But it is a problem. Card companies put all their focus into creating a few truly great top of the line cards to get collectors to chase and to buy boxes. But the rest of it is worthless. And by worthless I mean that you pay more in ebay listing fees than you’d get for selling some of these cards.

    Nobody is buying National Treasures this year for the Steve Nash sticker autos. No, they’re chasing the legends – and the on-card stuff. But somehow, Panini saw fit to release a 400 dollar box of cards with sticker autos.

    Everybody wants the Gold cards, nobody wants the gold sticker autos that Panini “put in there on purpose” (watch their video, their words – not mine).

    Nobody wants the unlicensed garbage that UD is putting out this year, but the chance at a Jordan auto is still enough of a pull to lure people in to buying, just trying to hit the jackpot.

    I haven’t purchased a box of cards in nearly a year. I can’t justify it from a hobby or financial point of view. And I stopped taking cards from Panini due to a conflict of interest that runs somewhat along these same lines. There isn’t enough positive to say about cards right now that outweigh all the negative stuff the introduce on a daily basis.

    • Except Power -ball is cheaper usually played drunk , and less addictive.

      Power-Ball If you lose at least you can take home the bar fly..

      Sports Cards… If you lose you’re stuck with a single white screlic of B.J Upton numbered 190987/400,000,000,000..
      (how many jerseys does this freaking dude own anyway???)

      Oh …I almost forgot as a consolation prize your pee pee gets wet in the shower..

      I choose Power-Ball..

      Thanks g88

  3. Funny, I had a post about 4 hours ago that was along the same lines! There’s a divide occurring in baseball cards, where the super-awesome rare hits are shooting through the roof, while everything else is left for clearance. As Kevin says, I don’t think it’s really a problem, as it’s happened several times before. There’s always a bigger demand for the new hotness than the old and busted (with vintage a whole other boat). People were so into 2011 Topps when it was the new hot thing, but now that there’s been GQ, A&G, Bowman, Platinum, Heritage, nobody really cares. Every card loses value over time with only a few rare exceptions, as semistars fade from memory, interests change, and even Hall of Famers lose some of their appeal. Ripken and Gwynn were popular in their time, and I’m sure there was a big spike when they were elected to the Hall, but demand has fallen as most collectors have their representative card(s) (autograph, relic, rookie, etc). You won’t find their autographs in the dollar bin, but they can be had at decent prices now since they’ve kind of been forgotten. There are dozens of HOFers like that.

    That’s why I collect for the fun and don’t worry about the value anymore. I know it’ll drop.

  4. By the way, from the looks of that photograph, you have enough product there to at least make enough money for one college application fee.

    • Actually, by the looks of things, you could use another year in “collage”, mojo 😉
      Seriously, though, you make a great point. The companies started making those very high-end sets, collectors bought them like crazy, and the result is raising the bar each year on price and value while causing an even larger divide with the lower-end stuff, not to mention flooding the market in some cases. I find it harder to buy boxes anymore myself because I can’t justify paying $90 for a box of Topps when all I really want is the set and a hit or two, and I can get those for 1/3 of that I guess if fewer people buy up all the big stuff that comes out of the high-end, sellers will eventually get wise and stop buying up those products, and maybe then we’ll see things get back closer to normal. Anyway, I, for one, will continue to be the type of person who generally doesn’t pay more than $20 for any single card.
      Thanks for bringing up topics like this, you always get a nice discussion going, and TMB seems to be a great place for that.

    • Hey that Wise Guy over at Panini took junk, and turned it into 360 million.. I see the possibilities..

  5. When it comes to collectables equilibrium is the only way.. Supply and demand does more to interrupt “The Economic Cycle” then keep it balanced.. The Cycle Will end Its inevitable by design.. Its only a matter of time..Innovation Is Tardy at this point..It will be like 2000 all over again, but somehow this time It will be different..Bowman Glass or some bullshit will kickstart the masses, and years become memories, and only memories of naked woman last forever…. We operate under a fiat monetary policy thats Economic Cycle has far outlasted expectations. Quanative Easing is code for devaluation.. The presses are smoking..Printing out of thin air. Backed by an empty warehouse in Fort Knox .. So I was told… Did I mention the debt.. My old professor did the the math.. It would take ten planet earths working continuously for 50 years to pay it off.. No vacations bro..

  6. Damn baseball cards.

    Did you get my email about Cat?

  7. I saw your post title, and I thought “Card Devaluation Who’s to Thank?”

    If you’re treating your cards as an investment and not as a fun hobby, you’re deluding yourself.

    • Oh I agree… Lets take a step back here..

      Lets take a step further, and say that a sports card is actually money in a sense.. Its sold, bought, and with the help of trusty Pay ” buddy ole” Pal a private off shore bank you can even pay for merchandise with it..

      Is money..

      A: an investment

      B: a genie in a bottle

      C: Just plain ol money that pays for sports cards..that pays for Ebay..Pays for a 40 ounce of Cobra… get you feeling like I-ree ….. But will never get you laid… FORGET ABOUT IT>>

      D: All of the above..

      I always go with D.. Don’t ask why?

      I give more cards way then I actually collect these days. I want to be on the record saying I”m totally with you on this subject..

    • Very true, in many ways since I hardly sell anything I’m glad I can pick up a lot of what I get so cheap. 10 years ago I never would have dreamed I’d have this many autographs and relics, at least not without spending a fortune.

  8. I have to wonder if Devaluation isn’t the right word, now. Maybe it’s more like overinflation or overpricing. The low prices of relics and autographs (of people who don’t need 5000 autographs, like David DeJesus) is just a result of a stabilization. I don’t open packs of most products. Maybe one or two just for the fun of it. It’s not worth it – I’m not into paying extra for a chance to pull a 1/1 piece of hair from a horse. I can get everything I want from a set for half the price of a box. By the time a set’s been out for a little while the hype’s over and prices have reached a steady level.

  9. The key word is *hobby*. Card collecting is a hobby. You don’t have a hobby for monetary gain, you have a hobby for enjoyment.

    You also can’t completely set aside the financial side either. The key is to know what and why you collect and stick to your plan.

    • That’s not necessarily true. Granted, some people (kids usually) will pick hobbies that aren’t for monetary gain. But adults will have a plethora of hobbies that involve some aspect of monetary gain.

      Everything from poker night to building hobby train sets can bring money if the hobby is crafted with a plan. Sure, reading a book or writing poetry are pretty much guaranteed to be non-monetary hobbies.

      But I like to handicap a horse track once every couple of months. It’s a hobby, sure. I enjoy it. But I also do it because it has potential to bring money.

      My current hobby is comic books. Maybe you haven’t followed the comic news, but DC is going to relaunch all of their titles. Many people will buy the #1 issues because they hope that in time they will gain some value. All adult hobbies revolve around money. Card companies are aware of this, otherwise they’d only offer Score football and nothing else.

      • What you are talking about aren’t typical hobbys. You are talking about gambling.

        Once you “craft a plan” it’s no longer a hobby.

        Plus everything Mojo and i say on here is true, it’s our site after all.

    • Hey man I have seen my share of *hobby* Pornography you name it..

    • I can’t spell, and my grammar is terrible.. I have ADHD, and I just don’t have the patience for it.. Call Mobonics from now on..

  10. I hate to act smart..

    Actually Overinflation has to do with air.. Its not an Economical term.. What you mean is Hyperinflation, and that would put an end not only to collecting cards, but to daily life as we know it.. Hyperinflation historically only happens in third world countries like Zimbabwe for example.. At one point they were printing 1,000,000,000 worth U.S $0.50 .. It got so bad they ran out space to add zero’s on the front of the bill , and just added them to the back of the currency.. Still locals were falling short a few million on a loaf of bread.. .. If that happened here It would be absolute chaos on a level never witnessed.. Marshall Law.. It can happen.. A terrible possibility and not an understatement. .. No matter how you put it your collection has lost 18% of Its value over the past three years.. You just don’t realize it because unlike a candy bar Its hard to draw comparisons from an Economical standpoint.. Unlike Wall Street Ebay has no regulations in place to protect collectors.. a market can be manipulated. Its actually easy, and happens more then you would like to believe…. Over time I can devalue you’re M.J auto by selling ten fakes for the price of one of yours . However It would be a little more difficult to do so with an authentic over the same period of time.. Forgery has taken Itself to a whole new level, and Is edging up there percentage wise.. I wouldn’t be surprised If It accounted for over 25% of total revenue …

  11. I’ve been trying to sell a lot of my cards lately on the Blowout Forum, and have been selling on COMC for years. While this IS JUST a hobby for me, I’ve tried to make my collection self-sufficient. Meaning that, if I want to buy more cards, and need money to buy more cards (after all, cards do cost money), I try to sell enough to generate the funds to purchase what I want.

    Do you know how stupid that makes me? Generic “case hits”, Hall of Fame autos, and even nice patches of guys who are good but not great don’t really sell for all that much. What’s worse is that these are generally some of the tougher pulls from any given product.

    I love to bust wax as much as the next guy, chances are, probably even a bit more than the next guy, but not even I can stomach paying $100/box for the shit that is on the shelves right now. Topps has jacked up prices, and pulled a Bryce Harper bait and switch on us all. We see his autograph on a sell sheet, and everyone flips the fuck out, without even giving a second thought to the rest of the checklist. We’ve been bamboozled, and run amok, yet the majority of collectors (not the blogosphere) continue to line up, wallet and lube in hand.

    That’s just the licensed products… don’t even get me started on Goodwill Champions.

    I can’t even bring myself to write about cards these days, and have considered getting out of the cardboard game all together.

  12. That looks a lot like my closet 🙂

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