Un-licensed bliss…

Over the last year or so UD has dropped un-licenses baseball sets and they have been OK. If only UD had looked back to the golden age of cards (the late ’80s and early ’90s) for inspiration.

Back in the day just about every show had a guy with a table of licensed cards, it was typically something like a buck each and 6 for 5 bucks. Quality was on the low side, but the subject matter was always killer. Here are a few of my favorites from the old collection.

How the times have changed. When this card was made Mac was second fiddle to Jose, neither had been before congress and both seemed headed to Cooperstown. This is a pretty typical un-licensed card from the day. It is an image stolen from a popular poster with a thick border and simple text.

No border or words needed the picture speaks for itself. 100% badass.

This card has an awesome back.
That’s who he is, that’s what he is.

It’s easy to forget but Bo ruled the golden age of cards, he had the most and some of the best un-licensed cards.
Bo knows crappy un-licensed cards. My favorite part is the old school metal Raiders trash can behind his leg. I had one of those for the KC Chiefs as a kid. I am not sure why, we didn’t live in KC and no one in the family was Chiefs fan, weird.

This is my favorite.
“Bo” simply “Bo”, actually flip that mama-jama and…
Gal-durn right.

I think I have some more of these crap-tastic beauties. I will say this, they are better than most of this years Goodwin Champions cards.



One response to “Un-licensed bliss…

  1. That Nolan Ryan is one of the coolest cards I have ever seen.

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