Sorry Messier, but you’re cut…

I have been reviewing a ton of hockey lately, but that OK with me. The NHL hasn’t had to cancel any games or locked out players in almost 5 years.

The latest is Zenith Hockey.

A box will run you around $60-$75. You get 3 hits, two relics and one auto, plus a bonus, more on that later.

The base cards are pretty standard Panini stuff.
The name across the bottom is reminiscent of Elite sets, but I kinda like it. I like the Zenith logo in the upper left, the team logo in the upper right is a little on the small side. The photos on these cards are interesting. I think they must have used some kind of filter or effect, the colors are super vibrant. Look at Rene up there, it almost looks painted. It really makes the card pop. The vibrant photo color over shadows any issues or whatever with the design.

Each box will yield on Z rookie.
These dudes are numbered to 999 and have the team logo in silver. They also feature photos with the back grounds intact. I think i like that more than the cropped photos on the regular cards.

ON a side note this card reminds me I have been thinking about changing hockey allegiance. I was born a penguins fan, but adopted the Caps when I was loving in DC. I know live further south in central VA. The Carolina’s aren’t all that far and I really like their unis and the crew of young players they have on the ice. But I digress.

Next is the one per box Red Hot parallel
As far as colored parallels go this is up there. The surface is textured like Totally Certified. It’s nice and shiny.

There are also 4-5 legends SPs per box.
The photos on these are a little more subdued than the normal cards. The cards really stand out compared to other cards in the set. It works for a legends set. I think these are my favorite cards in the box. They really add something to the break. It also makes a nice chase for hardcore set builders.

It’s Panini so bring on the inserts.

These are the same style as the Red Hot cards. It’s really hard to see in the scan.

These are cool. I like the set name and concept. Look at the dude laying on the ice on this card. Looks like Shawn just knocked someone out of their skates.
Here is another of the shiny cards. Pretty cool looking card. I like the set name here as well. Crease is the Word is kinda corny, but I like it.

This is a really nice looking card. The only problem is it’s a little bit of a stretch, I mean the Caps aren’t ever going to win the Cup.

Now the hits.

There are a couple different relic sets but both of mine were these.
The surface of these cards is almost plasticy, it has a real high quality feel. i like the design and the set name. using the team colors for the set name along the bottom adds a lot to the design.

I have some seen some nice patches out of Zenith as well.

The auto is really cool
A very nice clean design. I saw these in some of the promotional materials and was really happy to pull one. Once again we have an on-card auto. I am glad to see so many on-cards popping up.

The box also had a box topper. I opened the silver package and saw a giant Mark Messier card. I set it aside with out a second thought. I am not a big fan of the big over-sized cards. It sat on my desk for about a week until I saw someone talking about their “Dare to Tear” box loader. I went and picked up the card and felt the middle and realized there was a card inside. It took some doing to get it open, poor Mark payed the price.

Inside was this guy.
Numbered to 10. Pretty cool. Especially considering I didn’t even know it was there.

Zenith is a cool set. The Dare to Tear pushes it over the edge. My Dare to Tear had a better than average card, but it is still a fun extra and I am all about value added.



One response to “Sorry Messier, but you’re cut…

  1. I like how in the “chase the cup” insert it looks like the Stanley cup is about to beat the ever loving hell out of that guy… and he knows it.

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