Updated for you…

We may not get an NBA season but we get one last release, Panini Update.

It’s bargain basement at around $40 a box. It offers up 3 relics and an auto per box, mine gave me 4 relics and an auto, this is what I was talking about. You also get a mess of cards, 24 packs of 10 cards each. I didn’t try to put one together form my box but I bet I have a full set.

The base cards are cool enough.
Not a bad-looking set of cards. There are some great photos and a big plus for full backgrounds. One card jumped out at me.
I am sorry but someone had better blown a whistle on Josh, that my friends is a walk right there.

In addition to regular player cards there are cards of the various award winners, including some cool cards of Team USA guys.
Bonus point for the shot of Kevin Love in the background on Kevin Durrant’s card.
Speaking of Kevin Love.
I am a K-Love fan but this may be even too much Love for me. I thought maybe they were parallels or something but they are three different cards.

the last base card is kinda sad.
With his retirement this may be the big guys last regular card. A moment of silence for one of the greats.

Insert and Hit time

Not too bad. They also have jersey versions of these cards.
I really like the jersey versions. These sell OK on ebay. The big dogs like Kobe and Rose sell for over 10 bucks, not bad for a simple jersey.

Sticking with All-star weekend
These are OK. I like the inclusion of the rookie challenge guys.

These are a mystery
They have the same design as Prestige but are inserted here. The checklist is deep, too bad i didn’t get anyone solid.

I also got this guy
Kind of a weird set but i really like them. There is something about the recycling logo combined with the NBA logo that looks really cool.

The last is the auto
Just a simple auto parallel of the base cards. I didn’t get the best guy but still cool.

For the price you get a mess of stuff. Relics get a bad rap but I think these are cool. The All Star jersey cards in particular are nice and add something to the overall break.



2 responses to “Updated for you…

  1. Those are extremely boring relics (at least they didn’t try to call them “prime”), but the designs aren’t bad and the price at least seems right for what you get.

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