Topps Linage Retail…..

Ah, Yes  What would  strolling the overcrowded mess at your local Wally be without the retail card aisle? It would be…well, the best answer wins the entire blaster below…

UPDATE:  Ryan thanks for the laugh.. Everyone else thanks as well.. I will get in touch with you soon..

Minus one card, or two, and no Its not the hit either..


Does the world of sports cards really need another tribute that pays homage to cards from the 1950’s, 60’s, 70’s and 80’s. the answer is… sure why not. Over a sixty year span there is only so much you can do on a 2½ by 3½ inch piece of cardboard, sooner or later you’re going to end up marketing the past.

It happens with fashion,  music  you name it , and trust me sports cards is not immune. Has Topps gone overboard over the years?  If so It hasn’t bothered  a majority of collectors as  even my local Ghetto-Mart  with Its dust-covered 1/2 off blasters was completely wiped out, and not to mention the cases upon cases that are joyfully ( sarcasim) getting ripped  over the forums. So without any further ado lets take a quick peek at Topps Linage Retail.

ODDS ( Per readers request)


The Bronx Bombers

Any time you pull these two cats out of the same blaster  you done good. As far as the design goes, it works.  In my opinion when It comes to cover versions simplicity is king, and Topps executes this technique very well. A quality shot of the ball-player accompanied by a very  basic/ clean design. Bravo Topps, well done.


Im a huge fan of  eighties junk wax design work , and  Topps Glossy All-Stars Is a perfect example of a terribly over produced era. I wonder If Topps sprinkled on card certified ink on any of these?  Hobby guys hit me us with the 411 If you can. For those youngsters out there Topps Glossy All-Stars were inserted in rack packs from about mid 80s until 1989…(thank you Kevin the card historian for the memory boost on this one)

Not the lick em stick em tattoo I was hoping for, but hey a cloth sticker is right up there buddy. Dare me to send this bad boy into PSA for grading?…Nah Its going to Kevin for proofing my posts, and making them readable to the public.

Stand Ups!! How freaking awesome is this..If not for the fact this box was headed out the door I would definitely consider popping this bad boy up on the dashboard of my truck..Its even got the facsimile autograph slapped on front.. Genius.. Hey babe! You know where you put that superglue?

The “75”  Musial mini.. Sorry but this bad boy is a keeper. I can see how vintage guys rave over these. Its just an awesome card period..

Nothing new here… Carry on..

Some collectors see the ” Platinum Diamond” as a cheap version of  the refractor.. Mojo sees it as an alternate shine universe.. Beardy gets the Robinson, but  Mr. Jones goes.

THE HIT…  ONE PER BLASTER…..Drum roll please..

The “75” mini relic.. Awesome..

However,  I was a little disturbed to see It individually wrapped in cellophane. In my opinion It takes away from the excitement of the pull.. Also….have  relic cards become such the norm that every single freaking box has to have one?

I guess so.. What do yo guys think?

Mojo Meter… 4/5 Fingers



26 responses to “Topps Linage Retail…..

  1. Odd that the stripe on your relic card is “crooked”. I agree though, for the most part I really like the Lineage set.

  2. I think I may be one of the minority that likes this set – seeing a lot of hate on other boards/blogs for it. I don’t believe they had any of the Glossy rookies signed – which is indeed a bummer.

    What would strolling the overcrowded mess at your local Wally be without the retail card aisle? My answer would be – Solely for entertainment purposes – people watching at Wal Mart is always a treat.

    • I am with you, I kinda dig the base design as well. I think at first I was little off on it becuase I was kinda hopping it would be a more recent retro set like Fan Fvaorites. But I like them just fine.

    • Funny.. We try to walk a different path here.. No offense there are some great blogs, and a majority of readers here indeed have a good one :).. Its true though Wally World can be very entertaining..

  3. A walk through WallyMart with the card aisle closed off? No…….might result in a stand-off and a conversation like this:

    Clark Griswald: Roy; can I call you Roy? Have you even driven cross-country?

    Roy Walley: Oh, hell yes. Drove the whole family to Florida. Worst 2 weeks I ever spent in my life. The smell from the back seat was terrible.

    Clark Griswald: Ooooh. Ooooh, I know that smell. Roy, could you imagine if you had driven all the way to Florida and it was closed?

    Roy Walley: Closed? Uh, they don’t close Florida.

    That’s right, Roy. They don’t close Florida…….and I hope they never close the card aisle at WallyMart.

    As for the Lineage………..

    I think it’s a winner, but that’s me. I simply enjoy the cards. I don’t mind simple card-front designs. Give me the player’s name, his team (with logo, easy to read) and a nice color photo. The photo can even be all DreamWorks-CGI-glowy, too. I dig the fronts. The backs need help. One blogger referred to them as Uno cards. That’s spot-on. They look cheap and these cards are not cheap. I always prefer stats, too. With such a collection of former greats in this checklist, it would be nice to peruse their numbers…..but I’m an old-fashioned set-builder when it comes to that. A base checklist of 200 makes the set collation very manageable, too.

    As we all know by now and, generally agree, the inserts make this set a lot of fun. With so many to pull: stand-ups, 3-D, stickers, retro Rookies, mini’s, relics, autos, etc……this was fun to ‘bust’. No expected Hometown Hero card or random mini, so to speak. You never knew what you were going to get.

    I hope that the Sam’s size (Wally Size?) jug of “Liquid Diamond Sparkly” stuff at the Topps factory is on its last legs. I don’t think they should have carried it over from the flagship set but, I guess they have a lot to celebrate. The platinum parallels (and rainbow parallels in general, in my humble opinion) can go, too. But that’s the set-builder talking again, as I would rather have that Yovani Gallardo base card that I don’t have for my set vice a Titanium Turtle Wax Magenta parallel of the Jose Reyes that I DO have.

    The “relic in every box” had me excited – “…at least I know I’ll get something!” – was my initial reaction, naturally. Ah……a smooth and creamy swatch of Yovani Gallardo awaited me. Open mouth, insert foot! No offense, BrewCrewers……eh well. The nature of “1 in every….” odds in its full glory, NOTE TO SELF.

    HOW did Topps manage to leave Mattingly off of the checklist, AGAIN? Is there a rule against featuring current managers in their former playing glory? Yes, I am completely biased.

    All that aside – I like them and will chase this issue to completion. I’ll take the inserts as I pull them and either relish the personal-collection-worthy ones or send them on their way to good homes with my fellow collectors.

    By the way, I’ll trade the Gallardo for a Magenta Freddie Freeman or Retro Kimbrel 🙂

  4. I love to get that Brooks. Is it for trade? Please let me know.

  5. A pilgrimage to WallyMart with the card aisle inaccessible or closed? Grrrr…might result in a stand-off or conversationvery similar to this:

    Clark Griswald: Roy; can I call you Roy? Have you even driven cross-country?
    Roy Walley: Oh, hell yes. Drove the whole family to Florida. Worst 2 weeks I ever spent in my life. The smell from the back seat was terrible.
    Clark Griswald: Ooooh. Ooooh, I know that smell. Roy, could you imagine if you had driven all the way to Florida and it was closed?
    Roy Walley: Closed? Uh, they don’t close Florida.

    No, Roy – they don’t close Florida and they should never, every go sans card aisle at WallyMart.

    Now, on to the Lineage! I like them. I really like them. Okay, not 100%, but I respectfully disagree with some of the gnashing of teeth going on out there in collector land. Here’s my breakdown:

    The Good – I like the simpleton-design fronts. I don’t need to risk seizure when I see a card but I don’t want to fall into a narcoleptic coma, either. Give me three things: A nice color photo (even if it’s dreamy, CGI-like water coloring of vintage shots), the player’s name and position, and the team logo that is easily identifiable. Okay……..that’s actually four things. But Lineage has them all. I also dig the plethora of fun inserts. Stand-ups, 3-D, stickers, retro Rookies, mini’s, relics, autos…….there’s so many to choose from and this is good because it creates a genuine reaction of surprise when you bust the packs. I don’t like predictability, I want fun – and Lineage inserts bring the good stuff. A 200 quantity base card checklist gives this set-builder an “I can DO IT!” feeling, and I appreciate that. After the 660 and 500 count checklist in the flagship and heritage issues….this was a welcome break that clocks in even lower than Gypsy Queen. Whew……

    The Bad – “1 relic in every blaster!”

    “Oh YES!” I said. “At least I know I’ll get something!” I reassured myself. Well, dude…..yeah, you’ll get something. But the ‘1 in every’ odds means one thing……..and that one thing is personified in my new Yovani Gallardo all-white mini relic. No offense BrewCrewers! I hope Topps’ SamsClub (WallyMart size?) size jug of sparkly diamond ink STUFF is almost dry. I don’t think they shoudl have continued witht he Diamond Parallels in Lineage, but I suppose they have a lot to celebrate and, well, didn’t want to waste the last few gallons. I’ve had my fill of parallels lately, too, but that’s for another time.

    The Ugly – the backs of the cards. Bleh! Another blogger described them as Uno cards and that is SPOT on (as well as very funny). I want stats and numbers! Sometimes a write-up is okay (Gypsy Queen) but it has to be meshed well with a solid design and eye-appealing design scheme. Sigh……eh well. You can’t win them all.

    The packs are a little pricey at $5/pack but I know I plunked my chips down on the table….and I am glad I did.

  6. Wally World?? Without blasters!!

    Well, in a perfect world, it would revert back to the old definition of Wally World, meaning the days when Wally Joyner pawed his massive baby faced claws through southern California. Wally would chop down trees with his bat, Jose Canseco would still be looking for that ‘competitive edge’ and Angel’s fans could mourn Rod Carew’s departure with hope for the Wally Future!

    Plus Wal-Mart would not have come to my town yet and you could get baseball cards at all the gas stations!

  7. I’ve been to WalMart once in the past year – they aren’t exactly nearby where I live now – but WalMart without blasters is… well… like a Chinese flea market! Lots of crap at great prices but is it really worth the savings?

    I like Lineage. I cooled off a bit on the inserts between the time the sell sheets were released and the set came out. I kind of thought I might go for a master set, but I’m not so sure now. It’s probably better this way, anyway.

    I remember a few years ago when every blaster had relics in it. I think Upper Deck started that one. Other than manupatches, I think this is the first Topps product with a guaranteed hit for the year. I’d rather it be pulled from a pack, but if the only way quality control can guarantee it is to put the card in separately, then so be it. The guaranteed relics were what made blasters attractive to me in the past. Some sets had retail-only relic sets, but they were still relics.

  8. I have always loved the ’75 design. Using the mini for the relics is cool, it’s a nice way to dress up a single color jersey piece. I hope some Twins have one.

  9. Q: What would strolling the overcrowded mess at your local Wally be without the retail card aisle?
    A: Hell.

  10. I am torn over this set. In one way, it’s just another set thrown out there by Topps to make a buck (not faulting them for that, they are a business). On the other hand, I sort of like the base design and the retro feel.

  11. Who cares about Lineage, the real story is that awesome new banner you have.

  12. I don’t know man, those ghettofractors have the foul stench of corner cutting.

    I do like the ’75 mini relics, but overall, I am not impressed.

  13. I think I went the right route with Lineage. I bypassed opening any boxes or blasters and for a third of a box, I jumped into a case break. I got a ton of the awesome inserts that will be staying in my collection and that’s what this set is all about. Now I just need to pick up a few of the other Red Sox minis and I’m all set. I may also grab the Buchholz auto if I see it for the right price.

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