One pack review, 2011 Topps football…

I was at Target last weekend and picked up a jumbo pack of the latest Topps Football. In a world full of collectors sh$ting on just about everything released Topps football seems to be one of the few releases that most like.

I am a fan of Topps using the same design for the “flagship” product across various sports. This years design is solid. It’s not my favorite of recent year. There is something a little to formal about the design.
It’s something about the arch of the name and the circle with the team logo. It’s too much roundness. Don’t get me wrong, I like it, it’s just not my favorite.

I like that Topps put the embossed shield looking deal on players cards if they are pro-bowlers or award winners. I prefer something added to a players base card vs. an additional card. James card up there gives me an idea. Since the NFL loves singling out J-Harrison for big hits maybe they could require he go helmet-less to level the field. I hate the hypocrisy of the NFL in this regards. They make lots, and I mean lots, of money of grown men wrecking one another, yet they fine guys that do it too well. The NFL and sports science has created monsters. Old timers lament the good old days when men were allowed to play the game with out the whistle being blown all the time. They forget that Jack Hamm wouldn’t compare to the guys playing the game today with the likes of Harrison and Ray Lewis. These guys are on a different level physically. They are literally monsters compared to players 30 year ago. Goodall needs to realize the problem isn’t James and his boys on the field. It’s the system that he and the owners created that rewards ruthlessness that they are now trying to undo. Ok, off my soapbox and back to the cards.

Topps does base rookies as good as anyone. Same base design with the little RC logo.
As in recent years we have a very deep checklist of rookies. It’s funny to think as recently as ’03 guys like Troy Polamalu (drafted mid 1st round) didn’t have a card in the base Topps set. I kind of miss a nice tight rookie checklist in the base sets. Not a knock on this set, just an observation.

Once again Topps dips back into the same old well and has throw-back inserts.
I like Heritage but overall I am tired of throw-back designs. Used sparingly they can be cool but the trend is a little out of hand.

I am not usually the biggest fan of Topps inserts but something about this card really strikes me.
I like it more each time I look at it.

Continuing from last year the bonus packs offer up one Bowman rookie per box.
I like the look of these cards and the concept.

’11 Topps is a solid release. I really look forward to chrome hitting the streets.



8 responses to “One pack review, 2011 Topps football…

  1. I second your soapbox rant (I also detest Harrison, but that’s mostly because I’m a Browns/Pats fan).

  2. I’m ecstatic that Mallett’s got a card! Add it to the wantlist…

  3. Topps low-end offerings are usually outstanding, and their mid- and high-end sets are getting better every year.

    I haven’t bought Topps flagship in years (save my money for Chrome), but I like seeing a “preview” of what Chrome will bring. Looks like it’ll be another enjoyable season of busting Chrome boxes.

  4. I’d like it better if they tweaked the design a little between the sports, like maybe make the team logo circle into a football shape. Just a little modification so there’s some novelty left after chasing two 330 card series of the same exact thing.
    I really like the gold parallels in the football set, and am waiting for the day that gold takes over for (unreadable) silver foil…
    The Gamedays are nice but I think out of the 8 to 10 rack packs I’ve busted, I’ve got FOUR of Eli!!! I think he’s quadruple printed or something.

  5. The manu patches in the blasters are really nice for a change too.

  6. I’m with you on the Harrison rant as well. You are dead on about it being a cultural thing. People like to see other people get hurt. It’s a sick fact about humanity. How many traffic jams are caused by rubbernecking, and rubbernecking alone? I love watching Ray Lewis light some fool up on the field, and so do most fans I know, but just like you said, they’ll be a fine coming by the following week’s end.

  7. No offense, but I bought a single pack, found it boring, and decided not to collect Topps football this year. Maybe in a couple years if I can find a hobby set for $20 or so, I will pick it up, but I’ll be saving my money this year.

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