Two headed review…

Panini sent me a box of Rookies and Stars to review. I kept eight packs and sent the rest to Beardy and the man they call Mojo. So please join Mojo and me on a trip through ’11 R&S.

Rookies and Stars has been around for a while and has one of the deeper rookies checklists.
The box has 24 packs with 8 cards per pack. A box will run you around $75 and gives you 4 hits, at least one of wich will be an auto.

Base cards and rookies, or more correctly, rookies and stars

Kevin: I like this base design, it’s nice and simple. It reminds me of another set, but I can’t put my finger on which one. I like how the picture fades into the background.

The rookies are cool too.
This year is the year of the player combine photo. I have always been a fan of R&S rookie cards. Going back to the ’04 set. Guys like Willie Parker and Wes Welker didn’t have many cards but were included in R&S. A deep checklist is now something collectors criticize due to the increased likely hood of getting a buster. Instead of R&S being THE set with the deep rookie checklist, it is just another set with a deep rookie checklist.

Mojo: Finally a football release that not only looks good, but is also easy on the wallet. It seems like Panini has finally gotten the message that you don’t need foil, and complex geometrical design  patterns to have a succesful product. I’m usually a tough bastard when it comes to Panini releases, but In all honesty I really enjoyed this eight pack rip..

Rookies and Stars longevity have been around a little while and comprise the bulk of the parallels in this set, here is what we got.

Kevin: I like the Longevity cards a lot.
The scan of Sands above doesn’t do the card justice. These cards have a really cool look.


Andre Johnson 12/49

Im a fan of anything  shiny regardless of what material Its made of, and the fact I pulled low numbered gold parallel only makes it that much better.

I am not sure what is up with our boys at Panini but there aren’t all that many inserts sets.

Kevin: The Studio Rookies are just OK. No problem with them, but nothing overly exciting. It may not be fair to pass judgment on the set based on this card. Clyde looks down right bored here, either look happy or tough, bored doesn’t work.

Mojo pulled this Cam Newton Revolution card and it is a much cooler design.

Cam Newton 150/500

Call me what you will but I like a nice sideways Panini insert card.

In the box we pulled four hits, a base auto, a manu-patch auto and two relics. Unfortunately Beardy didn’t pull a single one of the four in his eight packs. But seeing as how he has more design talent than Mojo and I combined X 10 he still comes out a winner.

The first hit is a simple jersey. Jamaal is cool though and I kind of like the design. Single color relics get a lot of crap but a relic of a player you like or a star are still OK in my book.\

Next I get a relic version of the Rookie Revolution set. Like Mojo says it’s a cool enough design. This card is a prime version but it’s a single color patch. This would bother some but I am excited. It can join the rest of my single color patch collection. I

Overall I like the two relic cards.


Tyrod Taylor 250/350

Mojo pulled this guy, not a bad looking card. Once again the scan doesn’t do the foil look of the card justice.


I wasn’t the biggest fan of the manufactured patch autos when they first hit. But I am coming around. There is something nice and conspicuous about them. When you come across one in a pack you know you have something different. I don’t like where Da’Quan singed, it throws of the balance, but that isn’t the cards fault. I would love to pick up Ponder and Rudolph’s version. For a team collector the nice logo manu-patch really looks good in a collection.

Rookies and Stars is a set with a little history and some cool cards over the years. I have been a huge fan of the Freshmen Orientation cards, unfortunately we didn’t get any.

Mojo and I like the base design and we got some cool hits, I would say it’s worth a shot if you are so inclined.



3 responses to “Two headed review…

  1. Love the Bucs card! I don’t know why?!?!?

  2. I agree with Spankee. Love that Tyrod!

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