Is this a supercard?


Is this a supercard? Personally I am on the fence. I think it may have touch a $100 but not for long, but it was pretty high on a lot of folks want list in the late ’80s.

I love this card, it was one of my first pick ups when I got back into collecting. What do ya’ll think?



11 responses to “Is this a supercard?

  1. Very,very cool card.Nice sharp corners!

  2. It does meet every criteria. Straw was the man before the drugs and cancer hit him. THis is coming from a die hard Yankees fan.

  3. Sure, I think it qualifies. Straw was so big for several years.

  4. It’s definitely on the fence. Not nearly as strong a case as the “locks” like Griffey and Mattingly that had discussions a few months ago.

  5. His time at the peak of value was short and his fall was so much further than most. But he does meet all criteria.

  6. I’d say no, if you have to question it, it’s not worthy.

  7. I say no. He was a star before his fall from grace but I don’t think it was never a high dollar card even way back then.

  8. If you’re from the New York Metro area, yes – absolutely.

    Elsewhere? I’m not sure.

  9. I wouldn’t include it on the list. It’s high dollar demand was short lived, and to say that this card should be placed alongside the MUCH more iconic rookie cards of Cal Ripken Jr., Ken Griffey Jr., Michael Jordan, Walter Payton and Wayne Gretzky is outrageous. Honestly, I don’t think the Garciaparra rookie should be included on the list either.

  10. From 85-86-87 I think this card was a must have, not only becuase it was not a regular issue it was traded set, had to have, may have only touch the $100.00 level for a short time, but the straw had the draw power. I say keep it only cause it’s part of the traded series.

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