Series Two Splurge, and The Mystery of 61..

Four boxes of Topps Series Two mini blasters. Im almost to the top of the mountain… just eleven unique rings left.. You  can read all about that here.

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah.. Show us the cards mojo..

Two very solid cards, of two very solid players. If I were a player collector of either of the two I would definitely be all over these.  The more I look  at the Blyleven card the more it grows on me. It’s incredibly mosaic, and has the appearance of Bert throwing from a mound of gold.

The “Diamond Stars” inserts come one a mini blaster, and” in hand” are incredible looking cards, however,  I’m sure It won’t be long before Topps overproduces the “diamond look ” into oblivion. It’s already getting to the point where the ever so hungry “death stack ” anxiously awaits the semi-scrubs arrival. Im predicting it here…next up the relic version..

The ” Sapphire Blue” inserts also come one a mini blaster, and I pulled no other than  the great Sandy Koufax. I’m actually really impressed with the amount of detail put into this insert…..from Sandy’s throwing motion all the way to the shadow underneath him….flawless..


I managed to pull a total of four code cards, or should I say one per mini blaster. A far cry from the four per  $15.00 value box I was pulling  earlier this year. As I typed in the last code I was elated to see Roger Maris appear on my screen, but what really “topped” it off was my ring total..

Take a close look at the screen..

The legend of 61 lives!!!!!!



2 responses to “Series Two Splurge, and The Mystery of 61..

  1. Very nice get on the Marris.

    That Blyleven is sweet.

  2. Play at the Plate

    That is a great Maris and the two veteran shiny cards are nice. I posted the video of me opening my shipment from Topps that had my Ring. I still can’t believe I got it.

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