Welcome collateral…

As my dad has been working to finish his epic Topps collection I have been the recipient of some cool cast offs.

He has taken a few different approaches ranging from building a set from packs, picking up lots and starter sets and then filling the holes, up to buying complete sets. Along the way he has picked up some lots and sets with less than ideal cards of some of the big dogs. Recently he picked up a ’58 set with a rough Mantle. He went out an upgraded the Mantle. My wife and kids went to visit grandma and grandpa and when they got back they had a little something for me from my dad.

As my son would say, booyah!

The card is rough, it looks like someone rolled it up at some point. Doesn’t bother me though, I have always loved this set and the Mantle in particular. It is a welcome addition to my collection.



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