I love Goooooooold…

A few weeks ago I reviewed Panini Totally Certified. In the break I got a redemption for a Derrick Rose auto numbered to 10. Well today it arrived.
I love this card, not like, not like like, love.

Seeing as the T-wolves blow I have been an outside Bulls fan for a while and a big fan of Mr. MVP here. He is one of the few guys who’s non-rookie autos routinely demand 3 figures. Pulling an auto of his is sweet, and auto to 10 is even sweeter.

The gold background looks great and his alternate green jersey really pops. The solid black bar with his name on the bottom really stands out here, it adds a definitive anchor to the card. Top to bottom it is a great looking card. Even the back is cool.
The familiar red and black reminds you this a guy from Chicago and a big plus for a different photo from the front.

It will go nicely with my Joakim Noah prime jersey card I won from Panini a while back, also numbered to 10.

It’s interesting, the card came in a ultrapro magnetic holder, was shipped Fedex and required a signature. I got another redemption in the mail from Panini last week for a middle of the road Elite rookie and it was in a top loader sent USPS. I guess they handle the cards differently based on value. It makes sense I just never had a good enough redemption to experience the difference.

I would never sell it but for fun what do you think it would go for? I say about $200.



3 responses to “I love Goooooooold…

  1. Congrats man, that’s one sweet card!

  2. That’s a nice card- far better than anything I’ve ever pulled, but I still have two complaints (suprise!).
    1. It’s a sticker and a redemption.
    2. I like cards with alternate jerseys, but an auto numbered to 10 that will be a big part of someone’s collection should probably have the iconic, standard jersey. It doesn’t jump out as a Bulls card with that green jersey (even if it does say “Bulls” real big).

    Not a knock on your pull at all, Kevin (awesome- just some gripes about Panini’s decision-making on it! I’m a big fan of the design of these cards as well, but my personal preferences disallow me from love loving it!

    • I choose to go through life looking at what I like instead of looking for what I don’t.

      On the alternate jersey. There are literaly hundereds of cards with him in red, one in green aint gonna hurt anybody. They do it all the time in football.

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