Seems so long ago…


It’s been all down hill for these two since they opened Target Field. Bring back the Dome!



5 responses to “Seems so long ago…

  1. Never! I have baggy nightmares!

    • I have nothing but fond memories of sitting in the dome, with my seats facing in the general direction of the field, wondering if it was day or night outside watching Kirby patrol center field. The new park is great but Mauer hasn’t been the same since. I still say they should have gone the way of Yankee stadium and built the park around Joe.

  2. oh man, I sure hope they both stay healthy next year. Maybe they should put the tree’s back?

  3. Kevin,

    Something big has to be wrong with Mauer. Do you still read the Star Trib.?

    One of my buddies said there is a rumor he has MS. Sure hope not.

  4. I do check out the Strib online. I agree something isn’t right. It’s not so much injury as illness that has held him back this season. I hope it’s nothing serious. I think they need to sit him the rest of the year and get him well. Next season they need to re-assess how they use him. Make him 1st base permeant, or maybe even outfield.

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