Bold prediction…

We are a week out from the start of the NFL season and I am going to be bold and predict McNabb will win MVP this coming season.

McNabb is an interesting guy. He has had incredible success but has never received much support from the sports media. After the failure that was Favre round 2 last season both the Vikes and McNabb will have a chip on their shoulder and something to prove. I think he will really fit in well in Minny. I have high hopes for the guys in purple this year.



6 responses to “Bold prediction…

  1. I wish I could agree.

    As a Vikings fan who lives in Philadelphia, I must simply state that McNabb is Maddening. to watch.

    Looking fwd to an interesting season.

  2. MVP? I dunno about that, but I hope he has a great year. SKOL!

  3. I’m predicting an as bad or worse year for McNabb than Favre had last year.

  4. Maybe I should delete this post. It sucks being a Minnesota Twins fan right now.

    New prediction, Ponder wins rookie of the year !!!

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