I love Siiiiiiiiilver…

UD and Panini are unleashing their top of the line super high-end hockey sets on the world.

Both have shown piles of preview pictures on their respective blogs. One of those images jumped out at me.
I have stated on many occasions my love of clever insert set names. We get that here, Engravatures. A set based on guys with their name engraved on the greatest trophy in all of sports. Tracy Hackler let me know these cards have an engraved piece of silver inserted in the card. Pretty gall-darn cool if you ask me. The Cup is such a huge piece of hockey culture and a card replicating the engraved name of a player from the cup is too awesome for words. Tracy also mentioned the card is pretty heavy.

Panini is all about the precious metal cards. I wouldn’t mind if they moved into industrial metals, a copper themed card would be cool. You could watch it slowly patina over the years.

I hope Panini doesn’t move into any other commodity based cards. A Brent Crude card would be a little much. A corn futures card may be cool though.



One response to “I love Siiiiiiiiilver…

  1. That card is a real beaut. Messier is my all-time fave too…so yeah, gorgeous card!

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