My Wife, The Blogger?

You can go ahead and put this post into the category of “Shameless Plugs”. I’m not even going to try and hide it.

After 2 years of giving me a hard time for being on the computer and not paying attention to her, my wife has done the hypocritical thing, and started her own blog. If you are a fan of old movies, and the golden age of Hollywood, head on over to No Time Like The Past, and leave a comment or two, will ya?

I’m warning you ahead of time, she is very obsessed with Clint Eastwood. There are certainly worse qualities to have in a wife.



2 responses to “My Wife, The Blogger?

  1. Play at the Plate

    Following and commented. Now you’ll be the perfect married couple. Together, but ignoring each other. Best of luck to her.

  2. Thanks darlin’, It must be contagious.

    I put up with the baseball cards, you put up with the Clint—it’s all give and take!

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