When men were men…

Cut autos are an interesting piece of the card landscape. When done right they are mind-blowing, when done wrong they can be, well they can just blow. I don’t need to go into poorly executed cuts, it’s something that has been mentioned countless times on the interwebs. What I want to do is show a few recent cuts that get it right.

Panini is about to drop Dominion on the collecting landscape. Their answer to UDs The Cup. Yesterday they posted a video and images of a mess of cuts going into the product. I still think the name Kindest Cuts is kinda funny. Any way here are two of the cards that jumped out at me.
Eddie Shore was a beast. He was a true animal setting the record for penalty minutes in his second season. He once had his ear cut off in a game and when the doctor wanted to remove the ear he left and went to a doctor that would sew it back on (with out any anesthetic of course.) The guy that was responsible was fined 50 bucks. It was later overturned. Can you imagine, cut off someones ear and fined just $50. James Harrison is fined like 25 grand for bumping into a QB.

This is a great card. The design is strong with the the cut fitting the window perfectly. Very well done.

Cyclone Taylor. If there was ever a greater name I can’t think of it. Cyclone was one of the first true hockey super stars. His rookie season was 100 years ago, back when official games were played oustide, not as a novalty either. He was known as a scorer more than anything but wasn’t with out his share of bad-assness. He once punmched out a ref during a game over a disputed call. They built them a little differently back then. Then again today we have Chris Chelios and Toe Domi so maybe things aren’t that different.

Again a great looking card.

This cards are super rare, I belive they are all 1/1s. I think Cuts worked best as ultra rare show pieces and these fit that bill to a T.


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