Who’s the man…

We are a few days out from the start of the NFL season. I made my prediction concerning MVP the other day, as far as the Super Bowl I say it’s Vikings vs. Steelers and it ends in a tie with both teams being declared the champs.

Since this is a card blog I guess I need to relate all this back to cardboard somehow. So here are my predictions on who from this years rookies class will be the biggest hobby super stars. Mind you I am not a professional football analyst, so please take this for what it’s worth…not much.

I think the biggest rookie this season will be a young guy from TCU.
I think he has a lot going for him. He was solid in college, little flash and a lot of substance. He will most likely start some games this season on a team with little expectation. He doesn’t have near the spotlight of a guy like Cam Newton or even Jake Locker. He can quietly put together an OK season. I think starting around late October he will start to separate himself from the QB pack and his cards will begin to rise.

Part of this prediction is based on the fact I received the auto shown above from Panini in a contest a while back, so I have a vested interest in his success. But honestly I think he has the goods. Once again talking out my butt.

This has become a RB league in the last decade, next to QBs their rookies tend to carry the most weight. My pick for this years hard charging star kinda pains me. I went out and picked up an auto of Alex Green. That’s right, a Packer.
I think he has a lot going for him. He has a good RB name, Alex Green sounds like a leading rusher. He has been called by some one of the best pure rushers of the draft. I read there somewhere online so it must be true. He is also playing for the defending champs with the league’s top QB. He will back up Grant but I can see him taking a bigger and bigger role as the season progresses. He also has dreads, a sure sign of a good RB.

If you agree then you may want to get on ebay quick, I am sure my endorsement will drive prices through the roof.

Let us know who you think will be the tops rookie dogs.


6 responses to “Who’s the man…

  1. I gotta imagine that Julio Jones will be the top rookie just based on his skill level and having a good QB throwing to him.

  2. Andy Dalton needs to play for a team that doesn’t suck. ::Roundhouse kicks Kevin:: ROADhouse

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