OK Topps, so close, yet so far…

I picked up a blaster of 2011 Topps Football at Wal-Mart this past weekend. It had the little bonus pack and I opened it expecting some sort of throwback manu-patch. Instead I found this.
I am not sure you can tell from the scan but the green on the bottom is fuzzy. See it’s like the endzone…get it?
I like the card just fine. It’s a cool theme and name and the fuzzy is kinda funny. My problem isn’t so much the card itself as it is the lost opportunity to unleash this new card technology on the world in the right set.

If I was Topps I would have saved it for a He-Man set and the first insert I designed would be a card of this guy.
I mean come on, this stuff was made for a Moss Man card.



2 responses to “OK Topps, so close, yet so far…

  1. Fuzzy cards! I remember Upper Deck doing something like this with a Yankees or retired-player set a few years ago. Good to see Topps is finally getting with the times. Maybe they’ll put this in a baseball set too!

  2. Love Moss Man reference, Topps being Topps, nothing ground breaking but a nice little subset.

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