Weirdo set…

A few years ago my wife and I were visiting a local card store up in the DC area. The guy had just taken over the store and was cleaning out some older stuff. We picked up a handful of boxes, this was in the days before we had kids. As we were about to check out he pulled out a Topps Shoe box. He said he had it sitting around and wasn’t sure what it was. He said we could have it for $20, so we said what the hell. It was a set of reprints of rookie cards of a bunch of dudes going back to ’52. It also had four original Topps cards in a big screw down holder. I don’t remember what cards we got but none were noteworthy.

The reprints were pretty cool.
Not too bad. This was before the “cards your mom threw out” stuff so nice reprints were not all that common. It was cool to stick a few of these in a binder.

They also had more recent guys.
I don’t remember exactly but I think it may have been all HOFers.

The coolest thing was what they did with guys on multi player rookies.
I guess if I was a guy that had been lucky enough to be on a big guys rookie I would have been a little bummed to be just tossed aside. It made a unique little card to add to the collection. My favorite was this guy.
A nice “What if…” collection of cards.

I don’t know much about the set, or have any idea how rare it may be. I like having the cards around and for $20 it was worth it. Anyone have any more info on this thing?



7 responses to “Weirdo set…

  1. “A few years ago I was my wife…”

    That seems an odd way to start a blog post…

  2. Play at the Plate

    I’ve never seen those before.

  3. Nice! If you ever want to let that Puckett card go let me know.

  4. There’s a nice write up on the 2003 Topps Shoe Box Collection set at Things Done to Cards.

    Dean’s Cards is also selling singles from that set.

  5. I remember when they first came out, I think they retailed for around $50. It’s a nice hobby box set. Look at this:

    That is a *ridiculous* price, by the way.

    It was basically another issue of Topps Archives, released in complete set form. It originally came with packs inside the box, but you had exactly one complete set between all the packs. If I remember correctly, the packs weren’t even random – you had three packs labeled 1950s, 3-1960s, or however that worked. I never heard of any great cards coming from the screw-down box topper. Still, it’s a good set and $20 is a good deal, IMO.

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