Are you ready for some….

So we got the first game of the season out of the way and it looks like I picked the wrong Packer rookie. It’s not surprising that Cobb’s rookies have spiked after his big return last night, but the amount they have been selling for on ebay are a little nutty. I still say Green will have the better season.

The weirdest thing is that for the first time since I was in high school we will start a season without a certain someone under center.
I have nothing against Brett. His first season in Minny was the most fun I had watching football since the ’98 season, and ended about the same way too. I just hope he can find a way to get back to his old fans in Greenbay. He did way to much in the horrid green and yellow to let it end the way it did.

This is also the first year in a while I haven’t joined a fantasy league. I miss it but honestly fantasy football was ruining my life. I couldn’t take anther Monday night watching as some 3nd string RB picked up a few extra yards to give my opponent the win. Or realizing that my QB was on the same team as my opponents WR. Sitting there going, “please toss a TD but not to that guy!”


* The ’92 Favre is a shout out to Alex and Todd Uncommon.


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